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Updated: September 18, 2013

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Olszewski Secondary Art Prices Increasing

  • 5/2/2013:  Received this from Ian, a collector, who indicates an Olszewski Goebel Miniature titled "End of the Trail" was recently sold on eBay for the price of $215.00.  Ian indicated also an Olszewski M.I. Hummel Goose Girl sold for $180 and he has seen it as high as $300. Historian note:  The End of Trail originally sold for $80 when it was issued, and the Goose Girl's original issue price was $130.

Regarding The Camarillo Public Library Olszewski Art of Miniatures Exhibit:

  • 8/31/2013I came down to see the exhibit and what a beautiful job you did.  I am so impressed with this.  I am so happy to be your friend, and I also brought my friends with me.  They love (the exhibit) also.  Patty, Studio City, CA.
  • 8/31/2013: Beautiful exhibit!  Thank you.  I would love to see a small box featuring the Blue Fairy!  Chereyne, Simi Valley, CA.
  • 8/31/2013:  Couldn't make it by on the way back from D23 - so came down 8/24 and 8/25.  Had to see it before it left!  Love the new banners!!  Great to see the Story-Time Pieces too!  You know how much we love your work!!  Roy & Cory, San Bruno, CA.
  • 8/31/2013:  Met you at D23 Expo and you recommended us to see your exhibit.  I was thrilled to see it.  Absolutely amazing.  Wow!  Thank you, Donna, Clovis, CA.
  • 8/31/2013:  Wow!  Randolph, Clovis, CA.
  • 8/31/2013:  Amazing.  Met Bob at D23.  Jennifer, Pacific Palisades, CA.
  • 8/31/2013:  Wonderful - Marvelous - Unique.  I met Bob at D23 Expo and my daughter has some of his pieces.  Lillie, Thousand Oaks, CA.
  • 8/31/2013:  Absolutely gorgeous!  Words can't describe.  Your cheery fan from 2013 D23 Expo!, Alexandra, Thousand Oaks, CA.
  • 8/31/2013:  I don't have to describe that which I saw in the exhibit.  I love everything you did.  It is the most beautiful miniatures I have ever seen.  You are amazing, you are a great, great artist.  I. Barreiro, Camarillo, CA.
  • 8/21/2013:  "I cannot believe my eyes!  Marvelous.  Bringing my friendship connection group of retired women to see this."  Sandi, Camarillo, CA
  • 8/21/2013:  Amazing!  Vormin.
  • 8/21/2013:  Reminds me of displays at the Smithsonian!  Lynne, Fillmore, CA
  • 8/21/2013:  Stunning!  Not just the detail but the brilliant ideas the artwork is based on.  Thanks for sharing.  Bronte, Camarillo, CA.
  • 8/21/2013:  Thanks for sharing, Unknown.
  • 8/21/2013:  Thank you for allowing this amazing display of work and for holding over until now!!!  Lowell and Barb, Portland, OR.
  • 8/3/2013:  This is from Joan, who is a Teacher Coordinator for the Cultural Homestay International organization, who recently visited the exhibit with a number of students from Tokyo and Okinawa.  The students are in Camarillo for one month taking intensive English classes.  Afterwards, Joan wrote that the students will go to various states to attend an American High School for the upcoming school year.  Here is the picture she sent when they met Bob at the Camarillo library.

Cultural Homestay International Student Group with Bob Olszewski

  • 7/1/2013:  I love these things!  Seth of Camarillo, CA.
  • 7/1/2013:  I like it!  Keira, Ventura, CA
  • 7/1/2013:  I had the pleasure of meeting the artist on Saturday 25 May at Eggs 'n Things.  Your exhibition of figurines is a delight.  Sally
  • 7/1/2013:  Beautiful work as usual.  I had the privilege of being Olszewski's student at Haydock, Jr. High School.  He taught me ceramics.  Hi Mr. "O"!  1970-71.  Adriana, Camarillo, CA
  • 7/1/2013:  Beautiful and inspiring.  Noami, Camarillo, CA.
  • 7/1/2013:  My 3 year old brother loves the train that goes around that big model of Disneyland.  So does my other 4 year old brother.  Josephine (12 years old).
  • 7/1/2013:  From one fellow artist to another - great work!  No name.
  • 6/1/2013:  Your artwork is magic - it's beautiful and takes you away.  My two daughters and I used to have annual passes and loved going to Disneyland.  Now I joke that we are having "Disneyland withdrawals."  Ha Ha so, when I bring them to see your exhibit - it will be bittersweet, but more - it will bring up wonderful memories until we can go again and make new ones.  Cyndee, Oxnard, CA
  • 6/1/2013:  Amazing, love Disney.  Diamond, Port Hueneme, CA.
  • 6/1/2013:  Amazing Work!!  I worked with Bob from 1981 - 1984.  Vickie, Camarillo, CA
  • 6/1/2013:  You are Amazing!  An artist of Artists.  Arnold. 
  • 6/1/2013:  Wonderful!  Teacher Cheri, Oxnard, CA.
  • 5/22/2013:  I LOVED your presentation at the Camarillo Library! I love your work and your stories. You are very inspirational. I love your vision and creativity!!  Jean
  • 5/18/2013:  Truly Amazing!  You are the ultimate artist... Thank you for sharing.  :) 
  • 5/18/2013:  Awesome!!!  Irene, Camarillo, CA.
  • 5/18/2013:  Wonderful!  Jean, Camarillo, CA.
  • 5/18/2013:  Amazing!  Thank you sooo much!  Jacob, Oxnard, CA
  • 5/18/2013:  Bob, your stuff is amazing!  You were my art teacher at Haydock, Jr. Hi in 1973 or 4!!  Miguel, Oxnard, CA.
  • 5/18/2013:  This is a great experience for our community.  Wanda, Camarillo, CA.
  • 5/18/2013:  Your artistry is incomprobable.  Bob, Camarillo, CA.
  • 5/18/2013:  Most Enjoyable.  Los Angeles, CA.
  • 5/18/2013:  It's Awesome!  Pearl, Ventura, CA.
  • 5/18/2013:  So gorgeous!  Kathleen, Newbury Park, CA.
  • 5/18/2013:  Amazing work!  Kim, Camarillo, CA.
  • Wow!  Bob email me and let's get together.  Our daughter is Bob's daughter's childhood very good friend.  Lee and Joan, Camarillo, CA.
  • Interesting and wonderful.  Helen, Riverside, CA.
  • Love your worki.  We are here with one of your biggest fans, my sister-in-law Mary from Riverside, CA. Beth, Camarillo, CA.
  • Beautiful display. I met Bob in 1972 at a plate convention in Santa Ana.  He had a display.  I saw Alice and asked if I could buy one.  He was very friendly and smilled all the time.  I have been a fan (from a club) ever since.  He has signed many pieces for me. Mary, Riverside, CA
  • These are so cool!!  I love your work!  Rachael, Fillmore, CA
  • This is AMAZING!  Julia, Fillmore, CA
  • Wonderful representation of Olszewski's work.  Thoroughly enjoyed it!  I've met him (Bob) at several signings.  Liz, Tujunga, CA
  • 5/4/2013:  You get better each time.  Clarence and Mary, Camarillo, CA
  • 5/4/2013:  Awesome!  Karen, Somis, CA
  • 5/4/2013:  Absolutely amazing and magical!  Thank you (heart).  Gilli, Ventura, CA
  • 5/4/2013:  This is the best I have ever seen. He (Bob) is genuinely a very nice man.  I am glad I know him.  I am his neighbor of 31+ years.  John and Jane, Camarillo
  • 4/25/2013:  Extraordinary!!!  Jude, Simi Valley, CA.
  • 4/25/2013:  I loved walking into the library to see it transformed by these beautiful works.  Everything is so intricate, and well put together.  This exhibit totally made my day!  Chelsea, Camarillo, CA.
  • 4/25/2013:  Great Exhibit!  I love all of it!  Lou & Judi, Camarillo, CA.
  • 4/16/2013:  I only paid glancing attention to your miniatures before because I did not know the wonderful source - you! Just my last trip to Disneyland (last week) I was once again admiring your main street display. Please add me to your mailing list. I am especially interested in your jewelry, such as the rose necklace. I would hate for your beautiful miniatures to waste away in my tiny apartment. I will buy one on e-bay I guess, and have you autograph the box in May at the library!!  Christina, Camarillo, CA
  • 4/15/2013:  Bob's exhibit at the Camarillo Library is exceptional. Don't miss the chance to see so many fine pieces of his work in one place. The exhibit will be on display from mid April through May."  Tony, Camarillo, CA
  • 4/14/2013:  I just want to say how much I enjoyed talking to you at the Camarillo Library and seeing your amazingly talented artwork. I look forward seeing you again upon your return at the Library May 4th.
    All the best, your new Fan!! Andy, Camarillo, CA.


2/19/2013:  A French Olszewski Art Collector shares his WDW Main Street, U.S.A. Collection.  Laurent of Paris, France wants also to make contact with other Olszewski Art Collectors in France.  Contact Laurent by clicking here. Here is Laurent posing with his WDW Olszewski WDW Buildings.

Laurent and his WDW Collection

4/15/2010:  Main Street, U.S.A. Platform Collection Features Mini Visitors.  Bob Olszewski received a number of photographs of one collector who has adorned his Platform with miniature visitors adding another unique dimension.  Ed Russell of Harbor City, CA shared with us:  "I needed people in my display" of Olszewski's creation and found plenty of "N" Scale to choose from on Ebay.    He added that he found about 400 of the figures in different poses and added them to his Platform. 


1 1


10/06/09: Greetings from Down Under: Dear Robert, My sisters and I met you at the D23 EXPO.  We are charter members. DO YOU REMEMBER THE AUSSIE GIRLS,,,,,THREE SISTERS. Rhonda, Kay and Kerrie-ann. We spent some time with you at the stand.  Laughing and having a good time conversing.  You honoured us by engraving our special "Gallery of Light" purchases "OLSZEWSKI.  My youngest sister, Kerrie-ann purchased two.  First one at the expo and another back in Disney store.  My next youngest sister "middle one", purchased the same. Sorceres apprentice and the fishmerman one.  I loved the Snowhite one, "mine".  Also, in contrast with the new Snowhite release Diamond edition this year.  It was great seeing the history of Snowhite and the lady who modelled as snowhite for the animation drawings, amazing. So between the three of us,,we have a good investment in your beautiful creative "Gallery of Light"...No doubt we will invest in more when we visit again next year.  These are heirlooms we can pass on down to our children etc.   Robert, you asked if we would send the picture of the four of us.  But, the photo is in my sister Kays camera, which she has lent to her son. He is over in LA  now with my son,,,,,,staying at Venus Beach.  Soon my nephew will shadow a friend, who is the director of cinematography on Desparate houswives.  That was another amazing experience my sisters and I encoutered before we left.   Anyway,,,,,,,,I'm going to send three separate photos of my sisters and I,,,,,,,,because i dont know how to send three at a time,,,lol, Ive attached one of my youngest sister Kerrie-ann, proudly holding the engraved "olszewski" Sorcererors apprentice.  She is the school librarian and is doing a theme on the above, for the kids.   We also got you to engrave the beautiful pill boxes, of walt disney. Gosh,,,,we certainly kept you busy Robert.   Your brother Ray, has done a splendid job for you with this website.   THANKYOU,,,,,,,,for spending the time with us, and for your beautiful creations.  Hope you can get to Australia, and do some downunder creations too,,,,,,,like Nemo, and Great Barrier Reef, Opera HOuse,,,,,,,outback,,,,,,three sisters.lol........   Okay,,,,,,,,,,ill send another two photos after this,,,,,Kay then Me, to recall your memory,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Good wishes,,,,,,,,,,,,Rhonda,,

Aussie SistersAussie SistersAussie Sisters

09/26/09: Hello Robert! It was a great pleasure for both my wife and I to get a chance to meet you at the Haunted Mansion 40th event and at the D23 Expo! We picked up both special pokipals for each event, one for each of us. They are a wonderful reminder of the trip out and getting a chance to met you. Also your kind words about my "Picnic with Ol' Friends" painting for the Fan Art Contest made my day. Your advise about art, the business, and about having a great supportive wife are without a question, words I intend to live by (Breakfast yes, drinks after no), We both look forward to another D23 Expo with you and your amazing work. Which by the way, your display/booth was amazing! I'm sure you have many pictures of you at the Expo but I figure a few more can't hurt. Thanks again-Rolo and Jennifer


Hi Rolo and Jennifer:  Much thanks for the nice email AND the great images.  We never have enough images of my brother, Robert. 

09/24/09:   Hi Bob, My name is Danny Mendez and I have been a fan of yours for years now. I started with the park pieces, have started the gallery of light, and now the pocketpals. I just wanted to tell you how wonderful it was to meet you and that you were able to spend so much time with me telling me all these fun facts about your art. I really did get even more of an appreciation for it (if that was even possible)..I am now waiting to get the hitchhiking ghosts piece you did for the HM event on 9-9-09. I was unfortunately not able to attend since the tickets sold out so quickly and I was not one of the lucky ones. I really love all that you do and look forward to seeing what other masterpieces you create. Sincerely, Danny Mendez ( a loyal fan) I attached the picture I took of me and  you at the expo :)


09/23/09:   Thanks for this [your] email [about stock availablity] - it really made my day!!  I'm laid up with back problems and finding out that the Emporium is out again perked me up quite a bit.  I've already ordered it through Disney Delivears.  Now I'm just waiting for the re-issue of the Bank/Hat shop....any idea when that might be coming out???  Thanks again!  I made my display into a coffee table.  (see attached pic) and love showing it off.  People come by during Halloween time just to see it!  It's great.  Thanks again. Hugs, and Love - S.A. Kelly

Collector's Main Street, U.S.A. Coffee Table

Hi S.A. Kelly:  Thanks for your email!  We are very happy about your ability to get the Emporium piece, but not happy to hear about your back problems and wish you the very best.  Thanks also for sharing your unique Olszewski Art Coffee Table.  As for the Bank/Hat SHop, we here at Olszewski Studios are pleased to let you know that it will be available in March 2010.  :)

09/17/09:  My wife and I recently had the pleasure of meeting Bob Olszewski at the D23 convention.  While he was graciously taking time to sign some of his pieces for us, I explained to him how I have been hunting Storytime piece DC44 - Going Home, including how I was able to purchase one on ebay only to have the seller email me to say he dropped it while packing it and it was destroyed.  Your brother suggested that I email you to seek assistance in tracking this piece down, which is the purpose of my correspondence to you.

I have attached a picture of your brother, my wife, and myself taken at the convention.  Also, if you could please pass along to your brother that on his suggestion I have begun to track down the storybook post card holders that accompany the storytime collection sets.  Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide and once again thank you to your brother for taking a few minutes to chat with us and sign some of his truly amazing art.

Sincerely,  Frank Freidinger  fire377@juno.com

Freidingers D23 2009

09/15/09: Hi Robert -  I thought you might be interested in seeing some of the macro photos I took of your miniatures at D23 Expo. I'm Daniel, the young guy who talked to you for a few minutes about it. They probably aren't as good as the Main Street Miniatures set you spoke about (and which I checked out), but it certainly would be fun to try to shoot them someday under proper light and with more time than just wandering around the expo. Hopefully someday I'll be able to! Anyways, hope you enjoy. Your work is mindblowing and inspiring.   Click here for photos.  Daniel

Webmaster Comment:  I've pulled the following image from Daniel's posting of the WDW Platform that was displayed at D23 at the Olszewski Studios Booth. 

WDW Platform

09/15/09:  Images from NFFC show in Anaheim, CA 19 July 2009 provided by Bob Besanson, California.

1 1 1

Top Left:  Jerry & Kathy Maldonado and Bob Besanson at NFFC Show.

Top Center:  After a long day of talking and signing at the NFFC Show & Sale, Bob finally gets to rest and receives a welcomed hand massage from friend Sally LeSchofs.  Sally’s husband John is also resting in a chair in the background.

Top Right:  Bob Olszewski poses in Show Costume in front of Nautilus Model at NFFC.





03/23/09:  Olszewski Up to the Housetop Collector Inquiry Presents Insights to Olszewski's Painting Process.

I bought "The Night Before Christmas" set at Carol's Gifts in Nashville IN sometime in the early 90's. Mr. Olszewski came to Nashville to speak and sign pieces of his work also during this period. I took with me the Christmas set for him to sign, and I purchased Mickey Mouse--The Sorcerer's Apprentice--that day.    The Christmas set has gold paint under the reindeer on the roof. I remember that the gold paint was not the best choice and not many were made with gold, but not why. I am considering selling it and would appreciate knowing how many were painted gold, and why the paint was changed, plus the value of the set. I have all the original boxes and it is in perfect condition (and signed!).   When I gave Mr. Olszewski the Mickey Mouse, he took my Mickey away and gave me one from his pocket that came straight from Germany. What difference did that make to the set? This I am also thinking of selling and would like to know its value. It is in perfect condition with the boxes, too.   (I have another piece of his, but am keeping that!)

In talking with Bob, he does remember the gold version. Production of this piece was a bit of a problem and Goebel Miniatures and Robert decided to use gold paint to resolve the problem. In production, figurines are fixed to a process stick. The reindeer piece' inset was bronze colored and use of white paint on the bottom caused another clean up step in the painting process. Gold paint, on the otherhand, did not require another step. Using gold paint was with a brush versus white paint was much easier to apply.

The exact number that were painted gold is unknown.   As for the value, I have another email coming to you explaining why we cannot give you a secondary market valuation.

Updated Information found in the Olszewski Fan Club archives provided the collector with the following:  Carol:  While scanning Small Talk newsletters, I found the following in Issue #4:    "Only 91 reindeer pieces were made with the Goebel Miniatures mark placed on the exposed bronze. There were 415 painted GOLD. Later pieces have an entire white base."   You can review all of the newsletters by click here.  I hope this helps!  Ray, the web master.

The following was also sent to Carol and others who have inquired about secondary market prices:

Olszewski Studios is not in the secondary market valuation business nor do we advise individuals as to the art's resale value nor the value for insurance purposes.  We encourage you to read the article Insights into the Olszewski Resale Market written by the artist and published on the www.olszewskistudios.com website. Olszewski Studios' primary business is to create and produce art for the primary retail market.  On-line sales of current product(s) the Artist sells directly to consumers can be found www.olszewskistudios-retail.com.  

For those individuals who are looking for information about individual Olszewski art pieces and their history, the Artist's official website www.olszewskistudios.com is updated on a regular basis.  We publish this information specifically to help collectors identify the art and provide what information we know relative to its history. 

Of note is that buyers determine market value.  Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it and not what you may think it is worth.  If a buyer thinks your selling price is fair, your item will sell. Good luck!

BY THE WAY!  Inventory of the Up to the Housetop Collection can be found by going to The Brother's on-line store.

03/17/09:  Miniature M.I. Hummel Goose Girl's Marking is a Mystery to a Collector. 















Hello,  I have a miniature Goose Girl Hummel Figurine.  It has a sticker on the bottom and looks just like those I've seen that are marked 282-P.  However, this one is marked 292-P.  Can you tell me why it has a different number? Thank you,  Christie Greenville, SC

Hi Christie:  I have discussed this matter with my Robert and have concluded that the 292-P marked Goose Girl may be something that was produced in Germany by the Goebel company.  Although, we do not know this for sure, the rationale is that it is a very high mark number and actually does not fit into the sequence for Goebel Miniatures issue.  Robert remarked that the 283-P was in sequence for the last hummel pieces issued by Goebel Miniatures in California.    We have no information at this time about that which Goebel Germany issued.  We may have some information found in the archives provided to us by the Olszewski Study Group.    Thanks for your inquiry.

01/13/09:  Artist Signature Mystery Resolved. 















A collector who purchased an Olszewski Luminart piece Paris Opera House found an unidentified signature on the back of it.  Olszewski Studios responded to the collector's inquiry that it was not Olszewski's signature.  The collector determined from the dealer where he bought the piece from that the signature was that of Noel Wiggins who is the founder of Harmony Kingdom.

Collectors should be aware that Robert Olszewski's signature is unique and if signature verification is needed, please feel free to send your inquiry to info@olszewskistudios.com.

11/21/08:  A wonderful way of connecting to those who buy your work!















Yesterday we gave a friend of ours one of your Gallery of light boxes. Today I found your videos on youtube. I was delighted. What a wonderful idea you have had. Your art work is so beautiful and unique. It was really a great experience to be able to see, and hear the artist comment on his works, and how they actually progressed into what we purchased, and why they took the form they have. I collect a number of different items, but do not have the connection to them through the artist, as you have offered. I just had to compliment you on making it possible to enjoy your art as you wanted it to be appreciated, and to feel connected to it, if I am making any sense. I guess it kind of makes it as though you were a personal friend. Although we bought the item for a friend, I have no doubt that the youtube experience, has made me want to start my own collection, and I will. What a personal touch. I play some musical instruments and to know that someone that hears me, is getting enjoyment out of what I am doing is deeply satisfying to me. You have allowed me to feel that personal touch. Thank You, Don Powers


I have almost all the the pieces I need for the 50th Ann. Main Street.  I just got the tree accessory's and the lighting harness for the main street.  I really want to have all the the pieces to the set though I am having trouble getting them from Disney.  Is there ANY way I can get them somewhere else.  PLEASE.  Desperate Ken, Sun Valley, CA

Ken:  There will be more releases of the earlier pieces is all we can tell you. 
















Hi ! I  was  thrilled  and  fortunate  enough  to  meet  Bob  O  at the  Art of Disney store in Orlando,    in  June.   While  we  were  visiting,  I  saw  several  of his  pockitpals  he  brought  to  display  during  the  event.   When  I  was  disappointed  there were  none  for  sale,  Bob  told  me  of  his  website,  and  that  the  "Nightmare  before  Christmas" one  that  I  truly  loved,  could  be  purchased  directly  from  him  at  this  site.   However, it  is  not  for  sale that I can find on the website,  and  I  am  on  opposite  ends  of  the  US to  get  to  CA's  Disneyland,   ever.    Is  there  any  way  possible,  that  I  can  purchase  this       piece,   from   here  in  So. Florida.  I  would   appreciate  any  help  you  can  give  me on  this,   or   any connection  to  help  me  get  it ,  as  I   would  really  like  to  have  it.  It  was  a  great  pleasure  to  meet  Bob  at  Disney  World,  and  I  hope  to  see  him  again in  Sept.  Barbara

Hi Barbara:  Go to www.disneygallery.com select Olszewski and then look over his available art products and contact Delivears.  Ray Olszewski

7/5/08:  Another Collector builds and shares his Olszewski Main Street, U.S.A. Platform base.















Chris and Mike Moore who are avid Olszewski Disney fans invited Bob and I to their home while we were in Orlando 28-29 June to see the platform base Mike had built to accomodate the Olszewski Main Street, U.S.A. platform.  Here are the pictures I took showing this beautiful piece of oak furniture that offers plenty of storage room underneath, a comfortable height to see all of the Main Street platform, and facilitates the addition of glass panels around the platform with a glass top to keep it covered.  Mike is in the process of adding the buildings and hooking them up using the electrical light kit.  Mike has also been in contact with Olszewski Fan Bruce Richards and purchased the track he made for the electrical parade that lays flat on the Main Street road.


1 2 3
A beautiful piece of furniture The platform base sitting on top of the oak base Note the risers that were made to hold 1/4" plate glass
4 5 6
Storage Space along the sides Well finished piece of Furniture that rolls around on six wheels End of Platform Base showing plenty of accessibility and storage
7 8 9
Work in Progress! Olszewski Platform in Place Chris and Mike Moore


Thanks Chris and Mike for sharing.  You have a beautiful home that is filled with wonderful Disney Art that is in Walt Disney World's backyard.  Awesome experience!  Bob and Ray Olszewski

7/5/08:  Disney World Signing Event

Hello, Ray!

Thank you for the images, and it was wonderful to finally meet you.  We had such a great time and are again very thankful that we were able to converse with you and Bob.  This was our third time getting to meet with him, and what wonderful stories we hear with each visit!   Please let me know if the paint color specifications/ formulas are available as we discussed.  We are looking forward to the Moonliner/ Rocket to the Moon release.  Our first trip to Disneyland isn’t until July 31st, so we will miss that premiere event by a few weeks.  The World pieces we picked up this past trip are amazing as always, and we can’t wait until the next release.  One thing I forgot to ask was the schedule for the second and future releases of the Main Street Electrical Parade.  We ordered the first phase and were floored once again by the detail and magical quality it seemed to exude.  You can’t help but hum “Baroque Hoedown” when you turn it on.  Jim picked up a Pirate’s Gallery of Light to sit beside our Disney Gallery/ Pirates piece of Disneyland, and  I am anxious to get a Tiki Room piece on our next visit if available by that time.  Again, the exquisite detail and lighting effect are delightful.  Hope you and Bob enjoyed the rest of your stay at the World and had a great holiday!  Thank you,  Heather and Jim Faulkner, Davidson, NC

Hi Heather and Jim:  Great to meet you as well.  We did enjoy our time at World and we did have a great holiday filled with wonderful memories of meeting many enthusiastic Disney and Olszewski fans.  It was a wonderful surprise to see you both there.  I truely hope we will meet again soon. Bob and Ray Olszewski

7/1/08:  Follow-up on some really great people Bob and I met with at Disney World.

Bob and I were guests of Chris and Mike Moore who live in Orlando and are avid Disney and Olszewski fans. Mike has been extremely instrumental in supporting Bob and his art and as the editor and "Web Master" of the Olszewski Studios web site, well, I can take editorial liberties.  This close relationship extended to even more of a close relationship when they invited us to meet their very inquisitive and new Olszewski fans.  They were Ed and Roz Zeltner of Coral Springs, FL.  Here is a picture of the four of them with Bob at Chris and Mike's home.




Well, this is not all because in the upper left hand corner of the beautiful mosaic wall hanging, Ed asked the question as to "Why is the clock at 2:00 o'clock?"  Great question and those who answer it will be rewarded as the Disney experts, which I am not one of them, could not answer. So, if you know the answer write me at info@olszewskistudios.com.   For those who can't see what this group is talking about, here is a closer image.


6/30/08: Disney World Signing Event















Ray,  I just wanted to let you know how much of a pleasure it was to meet you and Bob on Saturday morning.  I have collected the entire Disneyland collection and have it displayed but was anxious for the Disney World collection to pick up speed.  I have visited Disneyland but living here in North Carolina Disney World has always been home and my favorite.  I can not count how many memories I have of my family visiting Disney World and am still making memories with them every year.  A tradition we have always done is to visit the Magic Kingdom as soon as we arrived on property and head straight for the Confectionary to purchase a rice crispy treat in the shape of Mickey Mouse.  We would always stroll down Main Street while eating and setting the mood for our entire trip.  It is a way for us to remove ourselves from the real world and enter the fantasy that Disney offers.


I have attached a couple of pictures for you to use if you would like.  Thanks again for all that you and Bob have done and I look forward to meeting both of you again at the next release.  I can’t wait to have this collection finished so that my family and I can have memories the entire year when looking at the completed set up. 

Sincerely, Van Loveland


Olszewski Signing Van Loveland Cinderella Castle Ray Olszewski (The Brother) and Van Loveland (The Olszewski Collector)Bob Olszewski (The Artist) and Van Loveland (The Collector)


Van, thank you very much Van for sending these great images of you and Bob (and me) and thanks for the comments.  That picture of you and I is really great as it shows how much fun we were having.  Good job!  Ray Olszewski

6/29/08:  Comments on Olszewski Signing Event at Walt Disney World.

Jun 28 WDW Olszewski Release Report Adam and I started collecting the Olszewski Walt Disney World Main Street miniature collection by buying the Cinderella Castle piece back in 2005. After purchasing the next two pieces in the series back in 2006, it took Walt Disney World all this time to release their next three pieces. When they announced the date for the release and signing by Mr. Olszewski, we knew we had to go.

We drove up from Miami and after some brief stops, we arrived at the Magic Kingdom’s toll plaza around 10:45 AM. The announcement from Disney noted that Mr. Olszewski would be signing the pieces at Main Street’s Art of Disney store from 10:00 AM till 11:00 AM, and then for a few hours in the afternoon. I wasn’t very optimistic that we would arrive in time for the early signing as we still had to take the monorail or ferry boat to the park. After going through security and the turnstiles, we finally arrived at the Main Street Cinema shop a few minutes after 11:00 AM. As this was our first experience with this type of event, I only had information from Disneyland’s previous releases as a guide. At Disneyland’s events, people wanting to buy the pieces would line up from before the park’s opening time and wait for hours in a queue to purchase the pieces. I was happily surprised upon entering the store to find only a few people in front of the display, the open cash register and Mr. Olszewski seated there. There were plenty of boxes in the back and the table was filled with Mr. Olszewski’s Main Street pieces, the Gallery of Light pieces and more. We quickly requested to purchase all three pieces and advised the clerks that we would take them with us, as opposed to having them shipped to the front of the park, to our resort (we weren’t staying on property this time) or shipped by common carrier. The three pieces that were being release were Exposition Hall with Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, The Chapeau and Confectionary and the Central Plaza – also known as the hub. The pieces were already signed by Mr. Olszewski. A cast member wrapped up the pieces for us, while we were paying and then waited to speak to Mr. Olszewski, who was sitting at the end of the table next to the first piece – Cinderella Castle. There were only four people before us, but as we learned, Mr. Olszewski was a wonderful man with many fascinating stories and loved to share them with his collectors. When we finally got our turn, we were able to spend some time discussing the collection, the future of the pieces, how he started his career as miniaturist and much more. We must have spent around 15 minutes talking to him and were even able to take some photos with him. I am not sure we will visit Walt Disney World for every future release, as the added expense of the drive, tolls, hotel stay, park tickets and everything else is much more than ordering the pieces online and having them shipped home – but the pleasure of meeting Mr. Olszewski was priceless.

5/1/08:  Alice in Wonderland - I don't think so!















I have a question I purchased a Alice in wonderland box on e-bay and I'm wondering if you can gave me any information on this box when it was made and how many were made ??? And anything else And I hope it was made by olszewski studios I have enclosed photo's .. Elvin, California

Thanks for your email and thanks for those great images.  If you were looking for an Alice in Wonderland, you did not get it.  What you purchased off of eBay is a Winter Solitude decorative gift box.  It originally retailed for $228.00 and has a fine silver finish and there was a snow rabbit pin included.  The Rennaissance Collection premiered in 1997 and all are listed on the Comprehensive List for the 1994 to today Era with sufficient enough information to answer all your questions.  The Winter Solitude was taken from Olszewski's Four Seasons Collection you will find on the collections page of the web site.   Three other Decorative Gift Boxes were made for Spring, Summer, and Fall.

4/26/08:  Grand Entrance 10-Piece Process Stick

I was reading an article in a news letter called “small talk” The news letter was sent out to all subscribers of Club Olszewski back in the late 1980's and early 1990's.  The article I was reading was about the “Grand Entrance 10-Piece Process Set” Below is a portion of the article. 

Small Talk, Official Newsletter of Club Olszewski, Inc. page 3, Issue 21, April 1995: 

We (Olszewski Studios) also tried to set aside 50 pieces for the promotions in 1995, but we're down to less than 18 for sale.  A spot survey also tells us very few are to be found at the dealer level.  We (Olszewski Studios) saw an ad for 'The Grand Entrance' from a collector and I (Bob) said to Travis (OS GM), 'Call them and buy that one back.'  When the studio is willing to buy back pieces, that means they're not out there.

Something extra that came up this year was ‘The Grand Entrance Process Case’. We (Olszewski Studios) did not take it into the general market. Twenty-four were done, each sold for $1,250.00 and they sold out. Collectors that would like to be notified of special gallery releases should let us know. Don’t worry, not all Gallery releases will be in this price range.” 

Thanks Bob for doing the research, sending the pictures which I'll use in the Comprehensive List 1994 to Today.  The reader can click here to see the image sent by Olszewski Collector Bob Besanson of California.

1/24/08:  Main Street Info














I recently sent along a request to reserve your Disneyland Main Street platform. I began collecting a few of your figurines years ago, but am now serious about completing the entire project. I would like to take the jump from collector to hobbyist, as your astute description of actually assembling this project enjoins.

We lived in Southern California for about 25 years, and used to visit the Park even before we had kids, just to stroll Main Street and the grounds. Your collection hit many heart strings when it first appeared. We moved to San Diego, became parents and very busy, etc., and two years ago, moved to Colorado. My regret is that we did not purchase the collection right away, as they were issued.

I’ve noticed that the pieces have become very hard to find at original retail price, especially the newest editions, which does not make sense. The older pieces we have seem to be readily available at near issued price. Has there been a reduction in edition volume? The Disney warehouse claims you have stopped production, but may reissued pieces at a future date a higher prices.

My questions are: can you tell me if my pursuit to build all of Main Street will be too difficult do to availability and price of pieces? I already have a table planned out to build to display your platform. How long is the wait for the platform I just emailed to reserve? And finally, does your studio retail store allow visitors to purchase, and/or gain more information about the Main Street collection? I fly for an airline, and have many LAX layovers and would love to visit your studio and see the items you have to offer for this project.

Thank you very much for any insight you may offer.  Gregory of Colorado















Gregory:  Thanks for your email!  Yes, we have your reservation for the Platform.  I've notified our GM at Olszewski Studios, Travis to follow-up with an invoice for you which will include $375 for the platform and about $170 to ship it.    As for a visit to the Studios.  Our Olszewski Studios is a staging area for our products, administration and there is not a place to view products unless you like to look at boxes and a lot of paper work in a warehouse environment.  Bob's Studio is in his private home and is never open to the general public and the reason he does shows, events like the NFFC and Disney Theme Parks.   As for the collection, we are also aware as you are that it "appears" it is difficult to get pieces unless one pays higher prices.  Also the misinformation when you call Disney doesn't help either.  Disney orders as they need to order and good example was the Astro Orbitor which sold out twice within a months time.  This was because Disney underestimated the popularity of the piece and its value to customers who needed it to complete there collections.    We are telling our collectors, like yourself, to finish the collection and be patient as there will be re introductions of the pieces.  For example, more Haunted Mansions, Astro Orbitors will be available on/about Mar 17.  The electrical Light Parade the end of March, Plaza Inn, Penny Arcade, and Coke Corner in mid-May and in June, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Tea Cup attractions.    My only advise is go for it, we are confident of the Main Street's future and be attuned to what we publish both through eCampaigns (emails) and on the Olszewski Studios web site.   Regards,

1/18/08: Disneyland Main Street Collection

Mr. Olszewski;  First I must say we appreciate your art - what a wonderful gift you have and how gratifying it must be to be able to share your talent as you do.  My husband and I started collecting Main Street when the pieces started. We are Annual Passport Holders, who are retired, and live in Las Vegas, NV. We only get to the park four or five different times during the year.  We were assured when we started this collection that it would be "open" so we began and have so far collected Main Street Station, Town Square, Opera House, Town Hall, Central Plaza and Sleeping Beauty Castle. Each visit we have tried (and failed to get more pieces of Main Street) - each time we were told they either had just sold them out or were waiting for more to come in. We were just in the park on January 16 and 17 and spoke with a Cast Member in Disneyanna and she told us the rest of Main Street was not going to be re-ordered and suggested I write to you. My husband and I had planned to collect all of Main Street, from the Train Station to the Castle and the board to display it all. We are now stymied and don't know what do do next.--

We received a list of all of your pieces and we are apparently missing eight or more to complete our Main Street. Do you have any suggestions for how we are to proceed?  Thank you, Maryfrances and Derek


Maryfrancis and Derek: Thank you very much for your email! I am pleased to tell you straight on that you can count on completing your Main Street, U.S.A. collection and that the information you have been receiving in your communications with Disney in your endeavor to purchase additional items is correct. Disney has been ordering cautiously not really knowing the huge popularity of the Olszewski Main Street, U.S.A. program. As such, orders are increasing to satisfy the customer base and as new product is available, we (Olszewski Studios) can only announce when the item(s) are made available. A good example is this past Dec when the Haunted Mansion and the Astro Oribtor was available and sold out in a few hours, yes; a few hours. Remarkable.

Re introductions are being planned and we will be announcing their availability. Please continue to enjoy your very handsome collection and what many are calling a "rare" opportunity to own. We at Olszewski Studios appreciate your sentiments and I will pass them along to my brother.

Please feel free to validate "what you hear" versus "what will be" with us. I would suggest that you consider purchasing the Platform at the soonest opportunity. We have a few remaining in stock and do not know for certain if we will be or how many we will be ordering this year.

I hope this answers your email and again, feel free to contact us directly should you have any additional concerns. The Olszewski Main Street, U.S.A. collection is being so much enjoyed by many collectors across the world who have kept up with the program. We hope you will continue to be one of those as well.  Regards, Ray Olszewski

1/5/08:  Verification needed about Olszewski Snowglobe. 















Ray, we have a question about a snowglobe. This may sound funny because we don’t think Bob made snowglobes but Bob did do a lot of things and you never know it may be something that is missing from the comprehensive list. As a matter of fact we have a Grand Entrance 10-Piece Process set in a wooden case (Not a Process Stick) that I don’t think is on the comprehensive list yet. When I get some more time I well take some pictures of the set and send them to you.

Ray, we know about the Tin Soldier and Ballerina from Fantasia 2000 that Bob did for Disney. We have been trying to collect the set for many years now but have been unsuccessful. Ray, we were wondering if you would take a look at this snowglobe whenever you have time, there is no hurry and let us know if this is Bob's work.  Bob &  Connie, California

Hello Bob and Connie:  Thanks for your email which was very interesting and very helpful in adding information to the web site.  Bob did create Tin Soldier and Ballerina which I have added to the Comprehensive List and have included the images and information published on the www.duckman.com site.  Bob did not have anything to do with the Globe or the base it is on.  The figures are his for certain as confirmed with the artist himself  As for the Grand Entrance 10-Piece collection you have, I would greatly appreciate your sending me an image when you get a chance.  If you have a short story on how you acquired it I would appreciate that as well.  Ray Olszewski, Gainesville, VA

12/27-28/07:  Main Street U.S.A. Roofs















I am in the process of putting my platform together and have just finished lighting it. I noticed that my Opera House and Emporium pieces appear to have small spider web cracks in the top roof. It's not noticeable with the lights off, but it is very noticeable with them on. I can't tell if it is just a crack in the paint or the piece, but either way I can reseal the pieces. Would it be possible to purchase from you a very small amount of the roof slate-colored paint (enough to go over these cracks)?   Thanks, Matt (Archdale NC)

Thanks for your email!  Olszewski Studios is working on having painting kit available soon.  We will be announcing that through our periodic emails to our mailing list.  The paint will match the roof and will fix your problem.

Great! Thank you so much for your reply. By the way, I love the new site. It looks fantastic. Bob's work also just continues to amaze us. We just had our family in for the holidays and they were amazed by our Main St., USA display and the attention to detail in everything. My wife absolutely loved the Peter Pan's flight when she opened it on Christmas. Please tell Bob how much we are enjoying his artistry. Thanks again and I hope you and everyone else at the Studios has a blessed New Year!   Thanks, Matt

12/20/07: Disneyland Central Plaza















Sirs,   I have the Central Plaza in my collection.  You are not going to believe this.  My popcorn stand fell on the floor and I didn't realize it.  My dog chewed it up!!!   Is there any way to replace just the popcorn stand?  I would even be willing to buy a defective one.   If I have to contact Disney with this question, I have no problem with that.  I just have no idea where to contact them in such a hugh organization.   I can provide a photo of my piece or the certificate if it's needed.  I don't want anyone to think I'm trying to pull anything.   I can also provide my home address if and when it's needed.   Thanks,   Connie.

Connie:  Thank you very much for your email!   We know we can help you replacing the PopCorn Stand but not the dog.  How is the dog, anyway?  Please go to our website www.olszewskistudios.com/contactus.php and fill in your contact information that is requested.  Please reply to all on this message so that we can send you another Popcorn stand.  There is no cost for this, and we will let you know when it is sent to you from Studiosrwo@aol.com.   Best of the Holiday Season to you and your dog,

Thank you so much.  The dog is just fine!!!!  I've filled in the contact information page as requested.   Your reply gave me a good laugh.  There is nothing better then laughter.  I hope my original email gave you a laugh as well!!!!  Connie

Comment:  Bob and I were in China at the time we received the above email from Connie and we had a good laugh about the whole matter.  It reminded us both about the "dog ate my homework."

12/9/07: Harbrack Grad















Dear Ray:  My name is Chuck Chriss and I graduated from Har Brack in 1959.  I lived on Carlisle Street and my dad had the CBS Auto Parts store in Tarentum.  I just ran across your interview here: I very much enjoyed reading the write about your background at the following link:

http://www.imagiverse.org/interviews/rayolszewski/ray_olszewski_09_01_07.htm which provides your comments on growing up in our town [Birdville/Natrona Heights] as well as your career and philosophy of life. You overcame early tough breaks and made a good life.  I think that Har Brack turned out a lot of sensible, solid people who did better than anyone would expect given the relative lack of resources.  I remember your family name but I am not sure if we knew each other or not.    Best regards and Happy Holidays, Chuck PS: my website is Olive-Drab.com

Appreciate your comments which I was delighted to have received and pass on to our readership.  Yes, growing up in the area was quite an experience, but making a decision to leave was truly a right one for me personally as I gained so much that I would have not been able to there.  I agree with your observation about given the relative lack of resources, Har Brack did turn out achievers.  I might add that there is a rich history there they came from and offers to others the opportunity to reach back and learn how it compares to today.  I plan to return some of the memorabilia I have and give it to the Tarentum Museum in their efforts to build on sharing this history with the growing number of visitors.  I ask others do the same.

12/1/07:  Pre-Goebel Miniatures Era Olszewski Collector Shares an Amazing Moment.















I absolutely love your newly arranged website!!!   I just want to share the awesome feeling I received when I ran into another Olszewski collector and had to take the attached picture.   It dawned on me that possibly you and Bob may not have ever seen the three figurines together and I just had to share this with you!!!    I own 6 of the Pre-Goebel figurines and am trying to work out on acquiring the 7th very soon.   Every single time I look at my collection of figurines and the new light boxes,  (no matter how many times I show them off), over and over again, I am absolutely and totally struck in amazement of the talent and beauty of  "Olszewski Studios".   I am on my way to building up more of my collection and my husband asks if I want to eat this week or buy more Olszewski works of art.    Guess what I said???!!!    Stay safe and happy holidays..  Suzie from West Roxbury, MA

Suzie:  Thank you for your kind words and for sending the image which is fantastic and offers the opportunity for me to describe the figurines contained in it.  The figurine on the left is Poultry Seller Bob first created in 1977 (Pre-Goebel Era).  The figurine on the right is the same figure but was painted only white to look like porcelain.  Poulty Seller is a copy of a Meissen figurine, circa 1750, that Bob saw in his book about porcelain.  Then in 1993 while he was at Goebel Miniatures, Bob created another Poultry Seller (foreground).  Click on this link to learn more about these highly sought after and rare figurines.   Ray Olszewski

Olszewski Poultry Seller

The Poultry Seller shown in the foreground is available for purchase on the Olszewski Miniatures Web Site.

11/29/07:  Goebel Miniatures Era Olszewski Collector looking for Cinderella Figurines. 















I am still trying to find out where I might be able to purchase your Cinderella miniatures (by Goebel) from years ago.  I have so many of them, but I was never able to find the Cinderella set.  I also don't know if a Sleeping Beauty set was ever made back then?  Why did you stop making the really tiny miniatures from back then?  We just adore all the sets we have had in our possession for so many years.  Many thanks, Beverly from Florida 

Beverly:  Thank you for your email.  It is always a pleasure hear from our collectors from "way back then."     First, regarding the Cinderella miniatures that were produced by Goebel Miniatures.  I had a few of them and they sold after we published a story about Bob's creating of the Cinderella Story on our website.  It is interesting reading.  As for purchasing today if any are available I can only refer you to our links page on the website where a few dealers are listed and of course, there is always EBay and many other auctions, collectible shops etc found through the use of the internet.   So like others, you'll have to do some of your own research.  Our comprehensive lists for the Goebel Miniatures Era is available on our website and that would be helpful to you in ascertaining the correct names, issue price, studio marks, etc and even a picture if published.   A Sleeping Beauty set was never produced by Goebel Miniatures.  Olszewski Studios did, however, create a Sleeping Beauty Castle for the Disney Main Street USA and prior to that Bob created figurative work for Harmony Ball's Story Time Collection.  Again, all of this information is available on our website.  The use of our search engine feature will provide you quickly the information you are seekiing.   Bob never really stopped producing really tiny miniatures as you refer to them, he simply moved forward in his art into a more economical business strategy as well as maintaining his "all things small" art integrity.  As you peruse the website, you will find an interesting insight writeup he did on Olszewski Resale market.    If you have more questions after you have looked over www.olszewskistudios.com, please let us know.  By the way, thank you for signing up to be on our email list. 

11/11/07:  Avid Olszewski Collector Looking For Alice and the Tea Party Storytime Piece















I have searched until my eyeballs have hung out here, looking for this piece.  If I recall it ran around 225.00 to 240.00 depending on whom carried it.   No No, don't need to tell me Mr. Robert O's pieces are HTF, lol..They ARE!  I yet have managed to nab many of them tho since they have been put out to pasture, that is so sad...along with the WDCC pieces!......I love the Story Time pieces, they are my very favs!  Yet, I myself am into miniatures, and much detail!   I know there must be some out there still, as people are getting a wee crazy over trying to catch the close out sales!..I don't care if I have to pay full price for this one!   Seems since the people are now waking up and seeing them, now they want them!....As I always have and treated myself to one whenever we visited the park, until they didn't any longer stocked them!..Doesn't Disney know a winner when they have one?   Well, anyway, some are now upping their savings onto the buyers up to and over the retail prices, which is their right, yet, don't think it will fly quite yet  :-)   Do you have any suggestions where I may call to find this piece?   Would be greatly appreciated!   As Robert? You are 'breaking my bank' keeping up with you, lol, lol....You are "Theee Bestest"  I am trying to keep up with your Disney Land park pieces, and all of your shadow boxes and Heirloom pieces, and you are making me a tad nuts trying, yet loving ever minute of it!   Anyone whom these fell into the hands to would be greatly appreciated!  That is for resale, that I may contact, other than on ebay, oh, and the website!  I know  many got a hold of these somehow!   Best Regards Always~~~~~~~Saundra, Las Vegas, NV

Our links page on this site offers a few suggestions; although, somewhat limited because lack of interest or knowledge of previous Story Time dealers inability to "get with it" and share.  Harmony Ball might still have a list of dealers on their sites.  If not, I might be able to provide you a list for you to start contacting.  Ray Olszewski (The brother)  If anyone reading this has one for sale, notify info@olszewskistudios.com.

10/21/07:  Olszewski Collectors meet Ray Olszewski at Disneyland.

On my way back from a submarine reunion of the USS TUNNY (SSG-282) in San Diego on Sunday, October 21st, I stopped by Disneyland and visited the DisneyAna and Downtown shoppes where they carry Olszewski Main Street USA Pieces.  While there I ran into the Reynolds family to include Bill, Joanna, and Sean (their son) at the Disneyana Shoppe.  The Reynolds live in Pennsylvania and indicated interest in the new Gallery of Light pieces which were on display.  They were quite surprised to see how small the Gallery of Light pieces were in size.

I also met briefly with Michelle Mock who was working Guest Services at City Hall.  Michelle introduced me to Cindy who was also attending to guests that day.  Michelle is the President and Co-Founder of Imagiverse.org and published an interview of both Robert and Ray Olszewski. Visit www.imagiverse.org for the interviews and is actually how the Olszewski Bros met Michelle.


The Reynolds Family
Michelle and Cindy

10/18/07:  Video Submitted of Disneyland Platform















Olszewski Main Street USA Collector Tim who lives in Hawaii has shared with us a video he created of his platform to all to see.  Enjoy Tim's efforts by clicking here

10/17/07:  My New Disneyland Coffee Table















I just wanted to send along some photos of the new coffee table my dad and I made for the Main Street Collection.  We worked from the design of a previous coffee table posted here [on the Olszewski Studios web site], but made a few changes.  Our design only has posts on the four corners, and has notches in each corner for the top sheet of glass to sit into to keep it from moving.  We leveled out all the side pieces of glass with the wood notches so that the weight of the top sheet of glass would be distributed across the entire edge of the table.  We then used weather stripping between the side pieces of glass and the top piece of glass to seal it against dust entering.  I think it turned out great! 

Thank you so much for creating such beautiful art for us to display in our living room.  Seeing the street lit up for the first time was an incredible experience!   Feel free to put any of the photos on your site if you'd like.    Andrew Bare

Thanks so very much Andrew to you and your Dad for the magnificant job.  To see Andrew's work of art, click here.

10/15/07:  Help with Nativity Information















My mother-in-law collected many Olszewski pieces.  She has a complete Nativity with all of the displays and has told me they are all marked with a "gold star" which is very hard to see.  She told me these were very limited...only 100 made.  I haven't been able to find anything online anyplace about "gold star" pieces.  Can you tell me anything about these and how they were priced?  Donna, Tucson, AZ

You have come to the right place, Donna.  Robert Olszewski created the Nativity Series while he was at Goebel Miniatures.  The "gold star" was put on the 1st edition pieces.  After that, the editions did not carry the "gold star."

10/11/07:  Disneyland Main Street Collector asks when are the Vehicles going to be available?

Hello,  I am one of your customers.  Received your request for the new survey.  But noticed the thing we all need most is not on the list.  We need the vehicles, especially the Street Car.  When are the vehicles going to be made available again? Jerry

Thanks Jerry for your email!   You will know the answer to your question when Disney makes the decision to re-release those pieces.  We don't know until they place an order.   Be patient and stay tuned.

Jerry wrote back.  I received your response.  What is the point of your survey if not to determine what pieces are needed? Disney certainly is not going to take the initiative
about anything.  The question is why are the vehicles  omitted from your survey?  Jerry

Jerry:  The survey was our idea in the first place, not Disney.  We needed information to convince Disney their orders have been insufficient to satisfy the demand that is out there.  Examples include recent running out of stock at events, not enough ordered to satisfy demand on the awesome responses by collectors.  There is an interesting article on our web site which might help you better understand.  I have provided a key part below.  The rest of the article can be found at:   http://www.olszewskistudios.com/ResaleIntroduction.php  

C - Production Over these 30 years, and except for one short period of time, I have retained final production quality control on all Olszewski work.  Production studios can have a great impact on the resale market.  In the trade it is know as MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) and is the lowest number of pieces that they will run in order to remain profitable.  The distributor tries to strike a happy balance between the minimum run and guessing what the market will sell.  Guess too low and the market will not have enough, and demand a rerun.  However, the rerun may not be enough to sell out all the pieces from a second minimum run and you end up with too much inventory.  In the majority of cases there is never a second run and the true market demand is never fulfilled.  Because of this, my advice to collectors is to buy your pieces as soon as the pieces are released, especially when pieces are part of a larger ongoing collection.  This is one of the most difficult decisions to make for the distributor, and has a major impact on the future resale market, good and bad.    We will be doing a survey on the other items in the future.  Be patient.

10/6/07:  Olszewski Collectors asks for verification of eBay listing.

The PokitPals we ordered arrived yesterday. Thank you they look great!   You are doing a great job on the web site. I go there at least 10 times a week.  Ray I have another one of those question about someone selling an item on eBay that they are indicating that it is Bobs work. I was wondering if you would take a look at what they are selling to see if it is really Bobs work.  They are saying or should I say they are describing items that we know are Bobs work and using the same descriptions on item I never heard of.  They may or may not be Bobs work. Thank you and I hope you have a good day,  Bob & Connie, California

Hi Bob and Connie: Thanks for your email.  I plan to place a page on the Olszewski Studios dedicated to What is Not Olszewski! and what you referred to me is an example of what is NOT Olszewski.  The seller probably has never been to our web site; otherwise, he would immediately know as none of them are listed in the Comprehensive Lists.    Thanks for checking and for the kind words about the web site and thanks for your PokitPals purchases.  They are really great items and we are picking up new customers and dealers almost daily.   I was just back in Pittsburgh the weekend of the 22nd of Sep attending my 50th reunion (cough, cough) and had a blast visiting those cousins of my living there and doing a lot of research on the area.  I'm trying to get a "snapshot" of how the area was when Robert and I grew up there from 1940 to 1960.  I want publish that on the site as well and perhaps use some of it in a book about Bob and his art.    Well, best regards to you and your family and thanks for sending me the email  Ray Olszewski

Image from eBay advertising Olszewski Art:

Not OlszewskiNOT OlszewskiNOT Olszewski

Word to the wise is to check with us before you buy.  We'll keep you straight and informed

9/27/07:   Collector asks about Olszewski Shepard and Sheep Figurine:















I recently purchased a miniature named Shepherd and Sheep, #408P, in the Nativity Series.  I cannot find any reference to it on the Internet or in Dick Hunt's The Goebel Miniatures of Robert Olszewski.  Would you be kind enough to take a look at the attached pics and tell me if this is authentic?  Thanks, Marilyn

Hello Marilyn:  Thanks for your email!  Nice to see that you are registered with us but would like to have further contact information asked for on our Contact Us page at www.olszewskistudios.com.  We like to get to know who we interact with, especially where they are from.    As for the piece, I can assure you that it is an authentic Olszewski figurine.  You will find more information about it on our www.olszewskistudios.com web site.  Go to it and in the search engine type in one word sheep and it will pop up.  Also, there are some pictures of the whole Nativity set in the Collections and Themes.    When you review the Comprehensive list, you will see the issue year is 1994 AND was after Bob became seriously ill after an operation and soon left Goebel thereafter.  Hunt completed his book 5 years before and never updated the Goebel Miniatures era which ran from 1980 to part of 1994.   I hope this helps!   Ray Olszewski

8/31/07:  Collector finds Unusual Olszewski DeGrazia Figurine:















I received 3 DeGrazia pieces that Bob created and on the Goebel DeGrazia pieces, it states "Master Olszewski" on the edge of the seal but no dates.  Also the Pima Drummer Boy has the wrong seal on its bottom.  It has the Beautiful Burden Item No.  Is this usual or did I just get something rare?   Thanks for taking the time.  Suzie

Dear Suzie:  I've checked with Ron Murray who has written "De Grazia Collectible Figurines" which includes discussion of Bob's De Grazia pieces and he is not familiar with the term "Master Olszewski."  "Master Olszewski" is an unknown meaning and actually it is the first time I remember it ever coming up.  It is possible what you have may also be a "Master Olszewski" piece which others were produced from.  Artists' of the World (AOW) was behind marketing and sales of the Olszewski De Grazia pieces.  We believe further the figurine with the wrong designation is possibly a production process error and can't really put a "value" on it.   I have written to AOW and hopefully we'll get a response to add to this interesting discussion.  Thanks for asking.  Ray Olszewski

8/29/07:  Collector matches a find to information on Olszewski Studios Web site:















We recently found a small box (pewter maybe) that has the Winter Tracking the Rabbit sculpture on the lid.  It is unpainted, but appears to be the same form as the miniature shown on your web site.  We can't find any information on it and were wondering if you could tell us something about it.  Will, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Wil:  The piece you have is an Olszewski creation for his Renaissance Collection which was sold in 1997 by dealers across the country.  There were only two, Summer and Winter and yes the Winter Tracking the Rabbit was the basis for its design.  We called these Decorative Gift Boxes and inside there was a Rabbit Pin.  The Box with the Pin was priced at $281.00 and without was $275.00.  There also was a 24kt Gold Finish besides the one you have which is a fine silver finish.  Check to see if you have an Artist Proof A/P inscribed or marked on the item you have.   They were on 25 pieces each for Fine Silver Finish AP $440.00; 24kt Golf Finish AP $440.00; and, Sterling Silver AP $540.00.  Ray Olszewski

8/28/07:  What is the Composition of "The Empress Garden" Environmental Display?















I received "The Empress Garden" as a gift in the 1990s. It is so detailed, and very heavy for it's size. I've always wonder what it was composed of, and if it was molded or carved. I've searched the Internet, including your site, and can't find any information. Rhoda

Dear Rhoda: Thank you for your email!  You raise a very good question and will certainly be the subject of new research for a future article for our Olszewski Studios website.  The Empress Garden and most of the porcelain looking displays was made through a method called resin cold cast or cold cast resin.  There are many names for this process and many materials to get different looks.  The materials used were resin which is an oil based synthetic and has become quite popular over the past 30 years.   I noticed that you had not provided us with your contact information on our Website, it would be appreciated if you would do that.    By the way, were they any figurines with the Garden?  You can find some of them at www.olszewski-miniatures.com site under the Oriental Series.

8/2/07:  Another Olszewski Collector shares information about their Disney Main Street

USA Platform Coffee Table:

Dear Bob, Ray and Travis,   I finally finished construction of my platform display table and although I only have a half dozen of the structures, I couldn't wait to share the results with all of you.   I decided to make my platform into a coffee table.  Having a giant cabinet with a huge plexiglass lid just wouldn't have worked for me.   Red Oak boards of varying widths were cut and fit together to make the posts; the side boards are 1x8.  There are no visible fasteners.  We made dado cuts down the posts and along the rails to fit removable 1/4" glass side panels.  The tabletop is 35-1/2 x 77-1/2 x 1/2" glass.  The platform itself sits on a perimeter of angle aluminum leaving the center wide open.  The overall height of the table is about 19".   The table rolls around quite easily on the 6 hidden casters.  Its an effective illusion that the table is resting on its posts.   See you all on Saturday at the product release.   Larry London

Here are Larry's images:


1 2
These are the "Posts" made by Larry which become the frame for the Coffee Table
Here it is laid out.  Note the Vacuum Cleaner indicating Larry is a good cleaner upper.
3 4
What intrigues me about Larry's design is that he used what looks like plate glass which is a great idea.
Note how the posts or frames were used to keeping the side glass panels in check.  Good Job, Larry
5 1
Now this is really cool as the rollers are not even showing, yet are very functional for moving the Main Street USA Platform Coffee Table around his room.

This is your WebMaster showing his ultimate gratitude to Larry for sending and sharing his wonderful project. 

Taken at Disney World June 2007 - they don't know what they are missing!

7/28/07:  Collector Comment re Inspiration of Robert's Art:


5/26/07:  Comment re Imagiverse Interviews:

I found the web site very interesting. Wish they had something like this when I was young. The interviews with Robert and Ray Olszewski were most interesting especially since I never knew anything about Ray. I have been a collector of Robert's miniature figurines for years. NSA Astronaut Greg Johnson interview was also very interesting. My husband, being a Navy veteran and also very interested in the NSA program enjoyed both articles.  Thank you very much. Dorothy

5/24/07:  Re: Bob's Interview

I very much enjoyed the recent interview with Mr. Olszewski on Imagiverse.org. His comments and insights about his work are very inspirational to an artist like myself, especially since they are coming from someone who's amazing and beautiful work is inspiration in itself. Thanks!   -Alex George

4/4/07:  I received this email (with detailed images) and wanted to share reflecting on the genius

and perservence of one collector relative to the new Gallery of Light pieces.  I have had others who

have emailed me about "where is the light switch."  Enjoy!

I have just returned home to Arizona from Disneyland yesterday and opened my new Robert Olszewski Gallery of Light Pirates of the Caribbean 40th Anniversary Jail Scene. When I went to put in the AAA batteries I noticed that there was no on/off switch in the battery housing? After trying 2 different sets of batteries and not getting the lights to go on, I was thinking that maybe the switch had fallen inside the battery compartment, I carefully removed the 4 screws that secure it to the bottom. No switch anywhere? I then examined one of the 2 light boxes I purchased from you for my POC scenes that came with the POC sculpture to see how the switch was wired in those. Using a needle I “bridged” the connection where the switch should have been wired in and the lights worked. Is there supposed to be a switch? (or does this sculpture light when the batteries are inserted?) Either way, it appears my Jail Scene is not correct. Since I don’t live near Disneyland and won’t be returning in the near future, what are my options? I hate to risk mailing Can you send me the correct switch/battery compartment or should I go to Radio Shack and purchase a micro slide switch and wire it in?  I do own a soldering iron and know how to use it.

Moral of the story is:  Ask us first before you try anything at home!  When I told my brother, Bob, the story, he laughed and said that he was amazed because he could not get that far himself into that complex box.

3/31/07:  Snow White's Grotto - A Special Place!

There was a lady by the name of Karen whom I met standing in one of those long lines waiting to purchase her King Triton Garden ~ Snow White's Grotto sculpture.  She said the Grotto was a very special piece for her and her husband.  She further shared that her husband passed away two years ago and was most appreciative that Bob created it and looked forward to having him sign the piece for her.   

3/26/07:  We received this from a Main Street Platform owner to share with everyone.

Attached are some pictures of the Oak cabinet our neighbor Rick here in Gilbert built for us. The doors are stained glass that my husband Don, designed and made.

We went with a cabinet so that we would have storage for all the boxes and wood bases. We had a Plexiglas top made in Phoenix by Desert Star Plastics, we went with the 12" high one. We are so happy with the entire project including the running train which is on the cork bed with added rock as your instructions suggested. Now all we need is the lighting kit. I also have a history of when we purchased (First Day of Issue Plaques) each piece as I have displayed them in a shadowbox they velcro in and can be rearranged as we add more.  Chris of Gilbert, Arizona.

Sallenbach Sallenbach

3/11/07:  Received the following from a collector sharing their thoughts about Olszewski's art.

Hi! I just wanted to write and thank you for one of the most wonderful days of my life. Many years ago I was a young girl struggling to make a living grooming dogs. I also had a huge desire to be an artist and miniatures were what I wanted to create. I wandered into a collectable store and fell in love with a tiny piece of art that reminded me of everything I loved. Horses, nature, dogs and birds, all wrapped up in a beautiful package. I saved just to buy that piece. It was a huge splurge for me. Then I found out Mr. Olszewski was going to be there and was signing his pieces. I waited my turn as people bought lots of the figurines. I could barely afford one. When I got to finally meet Mr. Olszewski I was embarrassed because I had to come on my lunch break and I was dirty and probably stinky from washing and cleaning the dogs. Everyone in there was looking at me like I didn't belong in there. I walked up and handed him my treasure. He was so kind he looked past how I looked and treated me with kindness. He rolled my little miniature through his fingers and I told him how much I admire his talent and how someday I wish I could be an artist. He told me not to give up on my dream. Then out of the blue he said I am going to sign and date your figurine. This will make it more collectable. I was on cloud nine when I left there. He made my day and to this day I consider that as one of the best days in my life. Not many people have ever done anything that kind for me so I just wanted you to know, that I still think fondly about that day. I stumbled across this web site tonight and wanted to say thanks.

3/9/07 This was received from Jim while he was actually at Walt Disney World using his

Blackberry to communicate to us about the Walt Disney World pieces.

I was very impressed with the speed of your response. Yes I live in Waterloo Canada... Home of RIM, the maker of the blackberry.  I used it only because it is my only Web access while vacationing here at Disney. I am a big Z-gauge train collector and very much look forward to purchasing your new series.  I've been to Disney World many times and will be purchasing the 3 available items before I leave. Just wanted to make sure I looked harder around Disney if there were others  Thanks...Jim

3/9/07  Received this from an Olszewski collector providing feedback about The Olszewski Miniatures Store.

I received my items from your web site and am extremely happy with the purchases!!! I love your brother's works of art and have been an avid collector for many years. I know that I will be purchasing more items in the near future. Thanks for your email.  I used to purchase items from Dick Hunt's web site before his retirement. Please wish him well for me.   I would appreciate an email on any new items for sale at the Store.  I just purchased some unique Olszewski pieces such as The Departure and it is exquisite.   Suzie

3/4/07  This is from an appreciative admirer of Olszewski's art who purchased the Disneyland Main

Street USA platform. 

I so appreciated having Bob and Travis deliver my platform today.  I was so surprised that Bob was one of the "delivery guys" that I went blank and couldn't think of a thing to have him autograph!  Forget the 40 or 50 pcs I have in the cabinet right next to where they put the platform.    I really have to make it to your studio now!  My grand daughter was so excited when I let her know the platform had arrived as well as our Haunted Mansion - what a surprise.    After I recover from my surgery on the 15th, your studio is on my list to visit.   Thank you again Bob & Travis,   Carol Pacheco Pleasanton, CA

2/17/07  Olszewski Studios received the following from Edward Russell of Harbor City, California

and the project he and his son, Stephen, completed for their Disneyland Main Street USA Platform. 

The description and images are just great.  Thanks, Edward.















I thought you might be interested in a project my son and I undertook last week.  I was trying to figure out what I was going to place the Main Street Base on for display purposes.  I started with the adjustable table from Costco, but this at its lowest height of 24 inches was still too high for the purpose I wanted and for the size of the room it was to be placed in.  A trip to Lowe's Hardware and an idea from the gentleman from Arizona whose cabinet is shown in the Collector's page solved the problem. 















I purchased 4 cabinets 36 inches long, 14 inches high and 12 inches deep.  These were bolted to a piece of 3/4 inch plywood that we had previously bolted 2 1/2 inch  rubber swivel casters to on each of the 4 corners of the 72 inch by 30 inch plywood.  A problem immediately occurred as the distance between the casters on the long side was too long and created a sag.  I did not want to add more wood to the base to increase the height so we added 1 more caster on each side directly at the 36 inch mark, the direct center and this solved the problem.  When bolting the cabinets to the base piece care must be taken to check the ''square'' of the cabinet as we had one not square and some shimming was required.  This left a 6 inch space on each end.  A brace was attached on each end between the cabinets and a removable drawer was built and stained to match the oak cabinets.  This allows the drawers to be removed for access to the incoming 120 volt system and also provides an excellent storage place for the "non running track'' pieces that were removed when the Athern track was installed.  Six small blocks 2 for each side and 2 for the front were installed around the inside upper frame of the cabinets to accommodate the Main Street Base frame making sure not to hit the area  of the MS platform where there were corner or cross braces.  These keep the MS Base from being knocked off the cabinets.  We purposely did not put blocks on the back so the base can slide forward enough to get your fingers under the frame to remove the MS base from the cabinets.  The entire project took about 2 days and the cost was about $600.00.  This gave us a good looking cabinet just under 18 inches in height and the MS base fits perfectly.  Regards, Edward Russell

A side note is that Mr. Russell has been in the circus business for the last 42 years.  He is 72 years old and for the

last 14 years he and his son Stephen have been operating the Russell Bros. Family Fun Circus on the West Coast. 


5 3 6
2 7
1 2 3

Mark Williams of Concord, CA shares detailed information about the table that is mentioned in the Main Street USA Platform set up instructions.  Thank you, Mark.

The Table is made by Lifetime Products, Inc and the direct link to the table is

http://www.lifetime.com/tableschairs/commercial6footfolding.aspx.  The product's UPC is 81483-02920 Model 2920.  Mark says the table is not available on line; however, there is a reseller option which directs you to a local Costco store and a number of others found under the category "Tables & Chairs."  The Cost is $48.99 and will accommodate the Main Street Platform.

Thanks to Don McKinney of Arizona for the images of his outstanding and most beautiful cabinet he made for his Disneyland Main Street U.S.A. Platform.  Well Done, Don!

This is Don's description of how he did it.  The unit is 30"x72"x34" tall and is comprised of four (4) 30"T x 36"W ready made wall cabinets.  Don built a base out of 2x4s and plywood.  He then attached fairly large, soft rubber wheel swivel casters.  He purchased two (2) 30x30" wall cabinets only for the doors to cover the filler pieces on the ends and give the cabinet a more completed look.  Don added some wood trim to the top where the Platform sits down into it and covered the holes that were meant for electrical cords.  He will run his cords through the open center between the cabinets.  Don also cut out all of the tops of the cabinets so that he could access the underside of the Platform without ever having to lift it up.  "The unit rolls around very nice," "because it weighs a ton."  The cabinets open on both sides and he has been able to store all of the sculpture boxes except for Haunted Mansion, Pirates, and Jungle Cruise.  He is using the top shelves on the one side to display the extra pieces he has that do not fit into the Platform.  It took him two days to build and about $1000 in materials.   The smaller images below show his construction progress.

1 2 3 4

Olszewski Studios was delighted when Pam Murray of Florida, a Disney employee at Downtown Disney World, who shared with us a number of photographs she took on August 18, 2006 at the release of City Hall and Engine Co. 71- Firehouse and Town Square sculptures.  Bob Olszewski brought with him a number of future releases of Disney World's Main Street U.S.A. Train Station and Tony's Restaurant.  Thanks Pam.

Cinderellas Castle
Laurie Chase
Olszewski Setting up Main Street Platform - Note Cinderella's Castle in foreground.
Walt Disney's World Cinderella's Castle placed on future Main Street U.S.A. Platform prototype.
Posing are Laurie Chase, Disney World's Gallery Manager and Bob Olszewski.
Pam Murray
Olszewski signing one of his Cinderella's Castle Sculptures
Olszewski explaining the Main Street Platform to Disney fans.
The one and only, the contributor of these images, Pam Murray with Bob!





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