Andrew Bare's Main Street U.S.A. Coffee Table

Posted 10/27/07

The following images and descriptions have gratiously been provided by Andrew Bare who was instrumental in building the beautiful Coffee Table to hold his Disneyland Main Street U.S.A. Platform and its contents.  Thanks Andrew for sharing.
The completed woodwork before staining and finishing
This angle shows the grooves for the glass and the cut out for the top.  The top piece of glass rests on the corners and side glass.  The sides were 1/4 inch glass, the top was 1/2 inch.
After getting all the side pieces of glass perfectly level with the corners, we put 1/4 inch weather stripping down to seal the table from dust.
Close-up of the front of the table.  You can see the grooves the glass fit into and the weather stripping work to seal the table.
Another shot of the table.  The top glass rests evenly on the corners and all four side pieces of glass.
The table!  It was a lot bigger than I originally anticipated
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