The Carole and Barry Kaye Museum of Miniatures

Los Angeles, California

October 12, 1996 - April 26, 1997


The following information about the museum retrospective hosted by Carole and Barry Kaye was extracted from the brochure handed out to the Museum's visitors at the time of the exhibit.

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Front Cover of the Carole and Barry Kaye Museum of Miniatures Brochure



    Carole and Barry Kaye Museum Brochure

To commemorate this exhibit, two works, in Limited Editions of 375 each, were selected at the time.  A lithograph representing Bob’s early painting years and a figurine, “The Departure” representing Bob’s new area of exploration in precious metals. 

Ocean Drive – 101 North

Prior to his work in miniature art, Olszewski’s artistic foundation was laid during his early years of painting.  A small group of paintings still exists today from this early period and only a handful will be released in a print format.  To commemorate this exhibit, “Ocean Drive – 101 North” has been selected to represent Robert’s early painting years.  The painting depicts the freedom of youth, four girls in a convertible, hair blowing making their way up the coast. 

Ocean Drive - 101 North


Ocean Drive - 101 North Offered in a signed and sequentially numbered limited edition of 375 prints, each measuring 19-3/4" x 25-3/4" (image size 14-1/4" x 21") and priced at $175.00 A limited number of Artist Proofs (27 prints) also available for $350.00

In contrast, work is summed up by the black engine, going in the opposite direction.  The natural contrast of work and play is also brought into focus by the use of color opposites – black for the engine and white for the convertible.  The painting was completed in the spring of 1975 and was Robert’s final work after 15 years of painting.


"The Departure" in Sterling and Gold

As noted earlier, this exhibit traces the growth of Robert’s miniature art from the early influences of porcelain to his current work.  Throughout those years, a secondary interest has run parallel to the painted work and that is the work in precious metals.  This exhibit is the first time that a chronological look has been taken of all his miniature art.

The Departure


"The Departure"

©Olszewski Studios  1996

Actual Size:  1-1/4"


When the museum exhibit was first discussed, we [The Carole and Barry Kaye Museum of Miniatures] commissioned Mr. Olszewski to execute a work that best represented where he was today.  Since all masters begin with wax and are cast in Sterling, a natural interest in precious metals evolved.  The disciplines for metals are different than for painted work.  Robert selected the model for “The Grand Entrance” to redefine the best of both disciplines and the result is aptly titled “The Departure.”  Each Departure figurine and museum base are cast in solid Sterling Silver and finished in 22 kt gold.  Cold painting has been applied in a very limited fashion to allow the metals to work at their best.  Before painting, each piece is completely hand burnished by a master jeweler and after painting, all surfaces are sealed to maintain the original luster.  This is a first and certainly a departure.

“The Departure” was offered in a signed limited edition of 375 figurines and was priced at $325.00 (27 Artist Proofs available at $650.00).  The inscription “Olszewski – Museum of Miniatures – 1996” is engraved on the bottom of the base.  Each figurine will come with its own dome, base and pedestal.



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