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Updated:  March 12, 2013

GOEBEL MINIATURES:  Your Olszewski miniature collection is fine art and should be treated as such.  Unlike porcelain, bronze does not break easily, although the painted surfaces are delicate and may chip.  Oftentimes, bumping the figurine every so softly against a hard surface, even the ring on your finger, can cause a paint chip.

At one time, the Goebel Miniatures Studio in Camarillo, CA would repair any Goebel Miniature figurine with damage to the painted surface, however, Goebel Miniatures no longer exists.  There are other options such as the internet and in one particular place is Collector's Information Bureau.  Damaged decals can be replaced with one from the most recent production year for that figurine, or left in a damaged condition - as you prefer.  This offer does not apply to any damage to the bronze itself, which cannot be repaired.  Again, Goebel Miniatures no longer exists and therefore decals cannot be replaced no longer.

In displaying your collection, keep the prospect of damage in mind -- putting it behind glass is best.  Preserve these figurines as a legacy, since at some future date refurbishing may not be available.

Avoid direct sunlight.  No manufacturer has yet developed a sun-proof paint.

Keep the sculptures clean, which is especially important for jewelry items.  Normally, just brushing off the dust with a soft brush will suffice, but make-up or other oil-based soils can be detrimental to the painted surfaces.  If a piece of jewelry becomes soiled, clean with mild hand soap, a soft toothbrush, and water. Soak for a short time in a container of soap and water until the soil or make-up has loosened.  Do not scrub!  Be gentle.

When storing the Olszewski jewelry, keep your figurine in its box under the restraining loop.

Protect the decals on the bottoms.  They are covered with a thin coating of acrylic, which can become tacky in a high heat, high-humidity environment, especially on a glass shelf.  Never put a gummed label, holding wax, or tape over the decal.  They may come off together and ruin the value of an old figurine.  If an old decal is removed for any reason, it can only be replaced with a decal bearing the date of the most recent production year of your figurine.

Nothing listed here can possibly preclude the use of common sense when caring for your figurines.  These are only guidelines.  Do not do anything that cannot be undone.

Source:  Page 216, The Goebel Miniatures of Robert Olszewski:  An Authoritative Reference & Price Guide, Dick Hunt, published 1989.



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