Introduction and Guide to Olszewski Art

Updated:  April 12, 2013



     The goal of the Olszewski Studio's web-site is to share past, present, and future information about Olszewski's art he has created over 40 years.  It is written to provide useful information not found elsewhere for both the seasoned collector of Olszewski works of art and those who recently entered the world of Olszewski Art.   

     The data is organized into four chronological eras.  With each era there is a separate comprehensive listing that identifies each single piece of art work.  Variations of the art are not included in these listings but can be found in the detail pages created for each piece of art. 


Column Title
Name or Description The actual name of the piece named by the Artist and/or the Licensee.
Edition Reflects the number of official pieces that were to be produced in the edition. 
Era This column reflects the era the art is from, i.e., PG - PreGoebel, GM - Goebel Miniatures, OS - Olszewski Studios.
Category This describes the medium and method used by Olszewski to produce the art. Oil, Acrylic, Print, Scaled Reproduction, Original, Combination, Licensed, Collectors Club, Commissioned, Canvas, Bristol Board, Wood, Clay
Oil, Acrylic, Oil Print Scaled Reproduction
Original Combination Licensed
Collectors Club Commissioned Canvas, Bristol Board, Wood, Clay
Product Line Art of Miniatures, Story Book, Disney, Marquee Classics, Kinderway, Disney Classics - Enchanted Places, Disney Jewel Boxes, Story Time - Harmony Ball, Disneyland, Disney World.
Series Name Historical, Wildlife, M.I. Hummel, Royal Doulton, Lladro, Womens, Mixed, Oriental, Americana, Childrens, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, DeGrazia, Bialosky, American Frontier, Grolier, Snow White, Fantasia, Rockwell, Special, 3 Little Pigs, Night Before Christmas, Pinnochio, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Nativity, Displays, Jack and the Beanstalk, Danbury Mint, Franklin Mint,
Art Form Painting, Engraving, Sculpture, Doll House, Figurine, Jewelry, Process Stick, Display, Medallion, Vignette, Plaque, Character, Building, Attraction, Vehicle.
Identifying Mark Hand Signed, Sequentially Numbered, Artist Signed, Style Mark, Studio Mark, DC=Disney Classics, DL=Disneyland, WBC=Warner Brothers Classic, DW=Disney World
First Year of Issue The year the art of issued to the public for sale.
First Year Issue Price $ The retail price assigned to the art when issued to the public for sale.
Highest Known Price Paid $ Highest known value anyone has paid for the art in the Secondary Market - this is based on known sales of this art work.





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