The Four Seasons Collection

Four Seasons Composite

HISTORY:  In planning this series, I wanted to create four works that would capture my fascination with the change of seasons.  How can the very same things we see everyday be so different?  I have watched the season's change over and over, but with a fascination as though it were for the very first time.

My summers as a young boy were spent in the country.  We lived just outside of town and were separated from our neighbors by large tracts of land turned into gardens.  At the edge of our garden stood a long line of fruit trees.  In the summer, I spent many afternoons sitting in the trees enjoying the fruit and watching the birds come and go.  This memory of birds, play and fruit trees evolved into "The Four Seasons" series. 

As the seasons unfold, collectors will enjoy comparing the changes in the apple tree, children and seesaw, and don't foreget to notice the bird's nest.  Each of these elements will change from season to season and we will see how the same things can be so different. 

Seasons Greetings

Bob's Signature

August 1997

The Four Seasons Collection

Winter: Tracking the Rabbit
Summer: Picking Apples
Spring: Natures Awakening
Autumn: Going South
Glass and Brass Dome Display

These are available for sale at the Olszewski-Miniatures web site.

Four Seasons in Dome Display
Source(s): Olszewski Studios Brochure "The Four Seasons"


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