Olszewski Studios and Pre-Goebel, 1977-1979



This part of Olszewski's astonishing art career focuses on the time leading up to his hire as a consultant by Goebel.  It includes:  an account Olszewski's move to California from Pennsylvania; his role as an art teacher in Oxnard, CA; his struggle to make ends meet in raising a new family and working late hours on the famous doll houses he built to help pay for his son's ceasarian birth; his introduction into the miniature doll house world; the story behind his creating the 14 very limited and still very hard to find "Pre-Goebel" miniatures; and, Olszewski's own insight into the Secondary Market for his art work.   

Bob (Age 31) with

Meredith (Age 3)




Meredith Hayden Doll House


Age: 30

Olszewski's First Figurine

"Lady with Urn"


Age:  32

Olszewski Pre-Goebel Lady with an Urn
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