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  • 1982 work featured on the "Today Show" with Jane Pauley
  • 1985 interviewed on "People art Talking", Philadelphia, PA
  • 1986 featured segment on “P.M. Magazine”, broadcast western United States from Salt Lake City, UT


  • Nutshell News, featured in Macadamia, 1978
  • Miniature Collector, Feature Article, 1982
  • Figurine Collector, Feature Article, 1984
  • Collector's Editions, Feature Article, Fall 1987
  • Gift Reporter, Feature Article, Feb 1989
  • Collector's Mart Magazine, Feature Article, August 1991
  • Antique Trader, Feature Article, July 1992
  • Toy & Hobby, Feature Article, Fall 1993
  • Toy Box, Feature Article, Winter 1993
  • Miniature Collector, Feature Article, Nov/Dec 1994
  • Collector's Edition, Feature Article, March/April 1996
  • Collector's Mart Magazine, Feature Article, March/April 1996
  • Figurines and Collectibles, Feature Article, Oct 1996
  • Collector's Edition, Feature Article, July/August 1997
  • Collector's Mart Magazine, Feature Article, July/August 1997
  • Disney Collector Society Magazine, Feature Article, Fall 1998
  • IUPAlumni Magazine, Feature Article, Fall 1999


  • National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts (N.A.M.E.), continuous member since 1977
  • American Decorative Arts Council
  • Miniature Industry Association of America (M.I.A.A.)
  • National Association of Limited Edition Dealers, artist member (N.A.L.E.D.)
  • Manufacturing Jewelers and Silversmiths of America (M.J.S.A.)
  • International Guild of Miniature Artisans (I.G.M.A.)
  • Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi


Licensed Work:

  • From 1980 to 1994, has worked interpreting in miniature under license the art of M.I. Hummel, Walt Disney, Bialosky, Norman Rockwell, and Ted DeGrazia, and has executed commissioned work for Grolier Enterprises, Artists of the World, Danbury Mint, and the Franklin Mint.  These licensed works can be found in the comprehensive listings under Body of Art.


  • Masters in Miniature, Anne Day Smith
  • The Goebel Miniatures of Robert Olszewski, An Authoritative Reference and Price Guide, Dick Hunt
  • Limited Edition Collectibles, Paul Stark
  • M.I. Hummel, Price Guide 12th Edition, Carl Lucky
  • The Wizard of Oz Collectors Treasury, Jay Scarfone & William Stillman
  • A Reference Guide to Miniature Makers Marks, Lee & Alice Frank
  • Goebel Miniatures Newsletter, Ray Olszewski
  • De Grazia Collectible Figurines:  A Photographic and Technical Reference, Ron Murray

Collector Clubs and Societies

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