Olszewski "Art of Miniatures" Exhibition

at the

Camarillo Public Library

through August 31, 2013


Updated:  May 22, 2013


Camarillo Public Library
Exhibit image courtesy of Geoffrey Lillich of Camarillo, CA. Robert
Exhibit image Courtesy of Geoffrey Lillich of Camarillo, CA

Camarillo Resident


Robert Olszewski


Meet and Greet at

Special Signing Event

Saturday, May 4, 2013

11 AM to 5 PM

Saturday, May 18, 2013

11 AM to 5 PM


Visitors are limited to 3 Olszewski Art pieces per person to be signed during these times.


Camarillo Public Library

4101 Las Posas Road

Camarillo, CA 94010

(805) 388-5222

Library Hours

Monday - Thursday 10 AM - 9 PM

Friday - Sunday 10 AM - 5 PM


Click here for the layout of the exhibit.


The "Art of Miniatures" Exhibit


         An extensive selection of Olszewski art exhibited at the Camarillo Public Library is on loan from the private collections of Larry and Carol Mills of Salt Lake City, Utah and the artist, Robert Olszewski is on display at the Camarillo Public Library, Camarillo, CA.  The exhibit which is called "Art of Miniatures" can be seen at the Library during their normal hours through August 31, 2013.  Click here for a layout of the exhibit. 

         This exhibit of Olszewski's art is the second ever shown in the area since 1993 when Olszewski's art was at the Carnegie Museum of Art of Oxnard, California.  The four-month long Retrospective of Olszewski's art was organized by the museum's director, Andrew Voth.

Bob Olszewski with Carol and Larry Mills at the first ever Olszewski Convention held in Ohio

    Larry Mills, Bob Olszewski, and Carol Mills

A Special Tribute to a Special Person


          As mentioned, the Olszewski figurative art work shown in this exhibit is on loan from the private collection of Carol (1943-2007) and Larry Mills of Salt Lake City, Utah.  The art that is on display is but a small portion of what is known to be the most extensive collection of Olszewski's artwork ever collected by a private individual.

         It is with deep and sincere gratitude to be able to share this extraordinary exhibit with the public.  Special thanks to Larry Mills who became the owner of the art after the passing of his beloved sister who succumbed to cancer in 2007.


          In 1982, Carol Mills (1943-2007) first met Bob Olszewski at Rainbow Gifts in Salt Lake City, Utah which was holding a promotional event for the Goebel Miniatures Master Sculptor and Artist.  It was on October 27, 1982 and Carol and her brother, Larry attended the event to learn more about this aspiring new artist and one who was pursuing creative art in miniature. 


          Bob recollects that he had an "instant liking" of Carol and their relationship lasted for years until Carol, unfortunately passed away in 2007.  Carol became very impressed with Bob's art skills and enjoyed his outgoing personality.  Carol took the time to carefully study the many purchases of Olszewski's art.  As a result, she began to admire even more his creativity gaining a huge and unfeathered respective for Bob as an artist.  Carol's miniature art collection expanded over the years to have it become the most complete known to ever exist. 


          According to her brother, Larry, Carol, herself, was a very smart, smart, talented, caring and loving person.  She graduated from South High School and received a B.S. (Magna Cum Laude) Business Degree from the University of Utah.  As an avid fan of the Utes, she attended many tournaments and bowl games.  Carol pursued a career in the trucking industry and worked for more than 22 years for the W.S. Hatch Company (Hatchco) of Woods Cross, UT.  There she served as a member of the Board of Directors of many organizations and was very active in congressional and government political campaigns.  As a member of the Latter Day Saints Church in Salt Lake City, Utah, she loved to sing with the Ensign Peak Ward Choir.

          Carol also loved to travel and she visited 48 states and more than 100 foreign countries and territories.  She personally took thousands of photos of her travels and her friends.  She especially loved animals and her two cats, Kipper and Squawky, who were legendary.  As part of those travels, and being very busy with her business duties, she made sure to include time to attend at least 12 promotional Olszewski Signing events and art shows to include the Olszewski Convention that was held in Toledo, OH in May 1991.  That Convention was the first and only hosted by the Olszewski Study Group of which she was a member.



     The 2013 "Art of Miniature" exhibition at the Camarillo Public Library includes:

  • A selection of rare figurative artwork created by Olszewski in 1/12th scale which he produced prior to joining the Goebel Company in 1979.  While teaching art at Haydock Junior High School in Oxnard, Olszewski took a one-year sabbatical to build his growing Olszewski Studios miniature art business.  This period is called the Pre-Goebel Era which includes Olszewski's figurative art, papier mache, sculptures, jewelry, and paintings from 1977 through 1979.  Click here to take you to the comprehensive list of Olszewski art for that Era.  Another list of Olszewski's paintings can be found by clicking here.
  • 1/12th scale miniature figurative art that Olszewski created while he was Master Miniature Sculptor at Goebel Miniatures from 1980 to 1994.  This period is referred to as the Goebel Miniatures Era.  Olszewski, a Camarillian himself since 1972, was a co-founder of the company that hired many fellow Camarillian's who worked at the Goebel Miniatures Studio when it was located on Adohr Lane. At one time, the company employed as many as 97 employees, 67 of which were artisans. Click here for the Comprehensive Listing for the art Olszewski produced during the Goebel Miniatures Era.
  • After leaving Goebel in 1994, Olszewski re-established Olszewski Studios and on display in the exhibit, visitors will find an extensive selection of art he created to include very popular and highly sought after art he was licensed and commissioned to produce for various companies.  The comprehensive list of collectible art can be found by clicking here.  Olszewski product lines that are on display at the exhibit include:
    • Luminiart fine and detailed sculptures;
    • Renaissance Jewel Box Collection to include Disney's Snow White, Cinderella and Tinker Bell;
    • StoryBook themed figurative art work;
    • Fine miniature jewelry;
    • A display of fine miniature statuary of Olszewski's own story of "The Tinker's Treasure";
    • Story-Time figurative scenes from Disney classic films such as Bambi, Cinderella, Pinocchio and many more;
    • Detailed and functional Heirloom Boxes® and PaperClip Boxes®;
    • Nature's Canvas;
    • Gallery of Light®;
    • PokitPals®; and, more.
  • A 1/220th scale reproduction of the Disneyland Main Street, U.S.A. Collection on loan from the private collection of Larry and Carol Mills is on display as part of the exhibit.  The 2.5 x 6 foot platform is encased in a lucite cover manufactured by American Plastics, a Camarillo Company located on Dawson Drive. 
  • A display of box art designs created and handpainted by Robert's wife, Eva Costello, called the "Art of Boxes." Eva was a painter, line supervisor, and performed quality control while at Goebel Miniatures from 1982 to 1994.  On display in the exhibit is "The Proposal" a 1/12th scale miniature figurine which celebrates Olszewski's proposal to her.  They were married on December 9, 1994 at the Chapel, in Harmony, CA.
  • 1/12th scaled miniature dollhouse called the "Meredith Hayden Dollhouse" which the artist constructed for his daughter in 1976.  This Dollhouse will be auctioned during the last week of the exhibit.  Those who are on the Olszewski Studios email list will be notified when the eBay auction begins.  Please be sure to sign up here so we can email you the announcement.
  • A rare display of two motorcycle themed figurative sculptures "Sharks Cruising" that were not ever sold on the retail market.  These sculptures were created as marketing samples for a proposed new landscapes product line but never brought to the retail market.   These were originally casted by Image Foundry of Oxnard, CA in 1998 and mounted on marble bases and measure:  11" wide  7" deep x 3.5" high.
  • Two limited edition painting prints of Olszewski's original paintings titled Ocean Drive 101 North and Saxonburg Carnival   on display.  These can now be purchased directly from the artist on his online store

An Online Olszewski Art Auction and Art Purchase Opportunities


The Auction Opportunity


Meredith Hayden Dollhouse

Meredith Hayden Dollhouse

Please note:  The previously announced auction of the dollhouse has been postponed until further notice.


Olszewski Art Purchase Opportunity


Original Painting Prints

Ocean Drive - 101 North
Saxonburg Carnival

Ocean Drive - 101 North

Painted by Olszewski in 1972

Saxonburg Carnival

Painted by Olszewski in 1971


     Two limited edition painting prints of original paintings by Olszewski titled Ocean Drive 101 North and Saxonburg Carnival are on display at the exhibit.  Click the links for larger images and further descriptions of the two oil paintings by Olszewski that he painted in 1971 and 1972. Links to the artist's online store are:

  • Ocean Drive - 101 North.  The original painting was done by Olszewski in 1972 and features highway 101 North in the Rincon area near Santa Barbara, CA.  Both regular and artist proof prints are available.
  • Saxonburg Carnival painted in 1971 from Olszewski's memory of a scene in his home town in western Pennsyilvania, Natrona Heights, PA.  Both regular and artist proofs prints are available.

Olszewski Figurative Art    

     An assorted selection of Olszewski's art that is on exhibit is available for purchase at the links provided while inventories last.  Links to the Artist's online store where they can be purchased is provided as well as sample pricing. 


Links to Purchase
Price Ranges
Links to Collections

Gallery of Light®

$85 to $125

Gallery of Light® Collection


Heirloom Boxes®
$50 to $65
Nature's Canvas
$17.50 to $23
Olszewski Original PokitPals®
$13 to $15
Story-Time Figurative Art
$55 to $195
Three Little Pigs Story-Book
Musical Study Collection
Oriental Collection
$210 to $370
Songbirds Collection
Women's Collection
$210 to $225
Victorian's Collection
1/12th Scale Fireplace Display

     To purchase other Olszewski art sold on the retail and resale (secondary) market, click here which will take you to a guide titled: "Where to Buy Olszewski Art." 

An Opportunity to Meet the Artist and Special Signing Events

     Bob Olszewski will be available in person to meet collectors on 4 and 18 May (Saturdays) between the hours of 11:00 am and 5:00 pm.  Collectors are invited to bring their Olszewski art (limited to 3 items per person) to be signed during those times.  At no other time will items be signed.

     A special container will be located at the exhibit where you can drop your contact information and comments about the exhibit. Olszewski Studios is interested in getting your feedback about the exhibit.  Bob is especially interested to hear from you if you worked with him in the past. Please drop your comments at the exhibit or email them to:


     Please consider telling your friends, relatives and others who might enjoy seeing the Art of Miniatures exhibit and meeting Robert Olszewski.  Be sure to keep your contact information current with Olszewski Studios by clicking here.

     Biographic information about the artist can be found on the artist's own website: and on Wikipedia.


  Click here to read what visitors are saying about the exhibit so far!


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