The Victorians - "The New Arrival"


Dads It's a Boy!Dads Its a Girl!

Olszewski Victorians Collection Mother's Pride It's a GirlOlszewski Victorian Collection Mother's Pride It's a Boy!

Olszewski Victorians Collection Olszewski Victorians Collection

HISTORY:  With great excitement, we present the first issue in "The Victorians" -- "The New Arrival".  This new series, "The Victorians" will focus on American family life during the turn of the century.

The first edition set of "The New Arrival" has something for everyone.  Appropriately titled 'Mother's Pride and Dad's Joy' or Pride and Joy, the set captures that special feeling and excitement of the arrival of a new born baby.

In 'Dad's Joy' - It's a boy', practical dad places the announcement on the front gate and has brought home a small sailboat, already envisioning outings with his son.  And in 'Dad's Joy - It's a girl', dad has brought home that hard to resist first doll for his little girl.

Out for a walk, 'Mother's Pride - it's a Girl', shows off her little girl outfitted in a pink bonnet.  'Mother's Pride - It's a Boy' is outfitted in blue without the bonnet giving us a glimpse of her baby's first curl.  To hold the first curl, the new arrival excitement is completed with a keepsake box.  The "First Curl" box features the new baby set a top a Victorian pillow that is engraved in elegant script.  Lift the top and inside is a place for the first curl plus a tag to register the baby's name and date.  Additionally, an engravable plate is also included to commemorate this special event.  Simply take the plate to an engraver and affix with glue to the curl base.

Bob Signature

April 1998

"The New Arrival"

Studio Mark
Isse Price
Mother's Pride
Dad's Joy
First Curl Box w/engravalable plate
New Arrival Dome
First Curl Dome
Olszewski Victorians Collection It's A Boy!Olszewski Victorians It's A Girl Collection

The figurines were sold in Limited Edition sets of 250 to include the 3 figurines and the Glass and Brass Domed display and pedestal customed made for this collection.  Prices are: 

"It's A Girl" Set " - $590.00  w/dome

"It's A Boy" Set " $590.00 w/dome

Figurines and Displays available for purchase can be found on the Olszewski Miniatures Store website.

Source(s): Olszewski Studios "The Victorians" brochure



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