Olszewski Collector Society

Inaugural Year 2005 (Defunct Organization)

Last Updated:  February 5, 2008

Olszewski Mouse in Red Pants Olszewski Collector Society Membership Offering 2005


Harmony Ball Company is very pleased to announce the creation of the Olszewski Collector Society.

Bob Olszewski has long been known as a master of the miniature. Harmony Ball Company is honored to have Bob

creating the magical Story-Time Disney Showcase Collection which brings nine Disney Animation Classics to life.

The wonderful worlds of Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella, Pinocchio, Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo, Snow White and

the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, Bambi, and Peter Pan have been reproduced in breathtaking miniature.

Bob's creativity isn't limited to Story-Time. In January of 2005 Harmony Ball Company released the first four

Luminiart Worlds of Wonder. Bob has beautifully captured the essence of four wonderful buildings in miniature

detail along with the added facet of illumination of a key part of the figurine. Luminiart begins shipping in March

and we plan on extending the collection throughout 2005.

Benefits of the $45.00 SRP Olszewski Collector Society are:

· "Ride on the Mouse" OSCS05, a whimsical figurine featuring Bob Olszewski riding on a red-shorted black mouse

in a strawberry patch.

· Two Newsletters featuring news about Bob Olszewski, Story-Time and Luminiart as well as advanced notification

of signing events and new releases.

Source: artcomestolife.com

A postcard was mailed containing the following note from Robert Olszewsk, Artistic Director:

Dear Friends,

I am so pleased to welcome you to the inaugural year of the Olszewski Collector Society.

Carving in miniature has been my life's passion.  Now, through the Society, I at last have the

opportunity to share not only my sculptures but my thoughts and ideas as well.

For our Society's first year, I've created "Ride On The Mouse" as your exclusive club gift.  If

you've followed my creations over the last decade, you may recognize this piece as part of

"The Tinker's Treasure" series.  But even if you're new to my work, I hope you appreciate

its whimsey and craftsmanship.  More about the "Little Tinker" will appear in our Society's

newsletter.  The newsletter will also feature "insider information" about new pieces I'm

creating for the Story-Time Collection, our series commemorating special moments in Disney

films; :Luminiart", our breathtaking new collection of illuminated sculptures; as well as future

projects.  And we'll keep you posted about in-store events and appearances.  I'll be making in

2005, where we can meet in person, and where you'll have the opportunity to acquire new pieces

in advance of their official release.

I've spent the better part of thirty years pursuing artistic excellence.  When I started on this

journey, I didn't realize the good friends I'd make along the way.  I extend a hearty welcome to you

as an inaugural member of our new Society, and I wish you many happy years of collecting and

camaraderie with fellow enthusiasts.



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