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Americana Series

Eyes on The Horizon

Updated:  March 12, 2013


Edition Size:  Open

Scale:  1/12th

Materials:  Hand-Painted Bronze

Mark: 663-B

Year of Issue: 1984

Issue Price: $45


Trademark:  TMK 2

Eyes on the Horizon

HISTORY:  In pioneer days, families could be separated for months.  This sculpture shows the end of a long work day plowing the fields.  The mother has put her children on the heavy, strong horse, come to a little rise in the prairie, and stands on a rock searching for a wisp of smoke or dust that might indicate the return of her husband.

When Bob travels, he is always thinking of his children.  Those memories are what this figurine is all about.

GENERAL: The smoothness of the horse is contrasted against the texture of the prairie grass.  See the expressive face of the horse and the detail of the bridle.

The overall body stances portray the event in context.  Anticipation is the emotion of this figurine.  Here is the quiet work horse with two tiny children on his back.  Look at their body language.  They are so fragile and vulnerable, yet compact and together -- a little bundle of energy.

The viewer can almost be transported into the sculpture and begin to focus on the horizon with the family.

The children are very tiny.  Put them next to the two in "Summer Days" or "Grandpa" to see the relative difference.

SIGNED:  On the base.

Source:  Page 69, The Goebel Miniatures of Robert Olszewski: An Authoritative Reference & Price Guide, Dick Hunt, published in 1989.


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