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Trademarks, Bases, and Boxes

Updated:  March 12, 2013

TRADEMARKS:  Trademarks are always important to both seasoned and beginning collectors, since they provide information about the age of a figurine and, therefore, its value.  They also identify the product as being authentic and not an imitation.

The trademark (TMK) - usually a decal - normally is located on the bottom of the figurine.  To help define the work, the TMK has several important features, all or some of which may be present on every decal.  On some of the bronze series, the TMK is laser-cut into the wooden base of the figurine.  Look for the following elements:

1.  The name of the manufacturer (Goebel Miniatures) and USA, the marking showing where the figurine was produced.

2.  The signature or name of the artist.

3.  The year the figurine was produced.

4.  The studio number, mark or motif number, which is assigned as an identification number by the studio, followed by P (painted), B (bronze), or W (white).  As an example, the number of "Capodimonte" is 600-P.

Over the years changes have occurred in the trademarks.  The listing of these trademarks is found below.  These changes in TMK symbolize the development of Goebel Miniatures through the years and add excitement for the collector who enjoys the search for certain figurines that are no longer in production.

The Butterfly logo is found in TMK 1 and TMK 2.  This was the symbol for the doll house furniture produced by Goebel Miniatures under the name of "The Butterfly Collection."  This butterfly was dropped in 1985 when TMK 3 was first used in production.

A figurine produced in a year following its original year of issue will carry the actual year of production on its trademark.  For instance, "Summer Days," a 1981 issue, was produced in 1981, 1982, and 1985, and will be found with those three different dates on its TMK.  As a comparison, "Out and About," a retired 1982 figurine, was only produced during 1982, so that will be the only date found on its TMK.

Protect your decals that have older trademarks, because they are one indication of the value of your figurine.  See the write-up on care and handling of your figurines for further information.

BASES:  In January 1982, the base bottoms of most painted figurines were changed from a painted white to a natural buffed bronze.  A very few white bases may be found on isolated figurines with a TMK date as late as 1984.  The single exception to this rule is "The Hunt with Hounds," which always has a white base (because the base is curved, not flat).

BOXES:  All 1980 and some early 1981 figurines were shipped in a chocolate-brown box.  Approximately the first thousand of these boxes made in 1980 had the word "Hummelwerk" on the inside cover in gold script with an ivory background.  Most of these thousand boxes also had three slashes made with an X-Acto knife to contain the figurine.

The balance of these brown boxes had a peachy-beige inside background with the same "Hummelwerk" gold script logo and an elastic band to hold the figurine in place.

A royal blue box was substituted starting in February 1981.  This box had "Goebel Miniatures" and the butterfly logo on a white background on the inside cover.

In 1985 the box was changed to a slightly lighter navy blue with "Goebel Miniatures" and no butterfly logo on the white inside cover.

The Goebel Collectors' Club exclusives, DeGrazia, American Frontier, Disney, Danbury Mint, and the Franklin Mint, as well as others for which a commission for production has been received, all have their own individualized boxes.

GENERAL:  Some variations and combinations of TMKs, boxes, and base finishes were used in between the listed dates.

Goebel Miniatures Trademarks


TMK 1A Blue, Fuzzy White 1980 Used on first 100 of each 1980 figurine.  Decal has a light-yellow background.
TMK 1B Blue, Sharp White 1980 This and all following deals have a clear background.  This TMK may be found on a very limited number of 1981 figurines.
TMK 2A Blue White 1981  
TMK 2B Blue Bronze 1982  
TMK 2C Black Bronze 1983  
TMK 3 Black Bronze 1985 The butterfly symbol has been dropped.  Used on some 1988 first release M.I. Hummel figurines
TMK 4A Black Bronze 1985 Used on the DeGrazia figurines.
TMK 4B Black Bronze 1987 Used on the Disney figurines.
TMK 4C Engraved   1987 Used on the Danbury Mint pendants
TMK 4D Engraved   1987 Used on the Franklin Mint pendants.
TMK 5A Black Bronze 1988 Used on a limited number of the first five M.I. Hummel figurines produced in 1988.
TMK 5B Black Bronze 1989 Used on all first edition M.I. Hummel figurines produced after 1988.
TMK 5C Black Bronze 1988 Used on all second release M.I. Hummel figurines.


Source:  Pages 212-215, The Goebel Miniatures of Robert Olszewski:  An Authoritative Reference & Price Guide, Dick Hunt Published 1989.


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