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Americana Series

She Sounds the Deep

Updated:  March 12, 2013


Edition Size:  Open

Scale:  1/12th

Materials:  Hand-Painted Bronze

Mark: 662-B

Year of Issue: 1983

Issue Price: $45


Trademark:  TMK 2

She Sounds the Deep

HISTORY:  Bob visited the New Bedford Maritime Museum in Massachusetts, attended a lecture, and saw a film on whaling.  He learned that the whalers stayed at sea for two to four years at a time (which made him stop complaining about his two-week trips).  He was so impressed with the drama of the sea that he decided to carve a figurine about whaling.  He could have worked in scrimshaw, but he did not want to create a romantic or a lighthearted piece.  He carved what he felt those men had lived through.

GENERAL: Bob decided that the whaling industry was made up of men in small boats, whales, and water -- al of them unpredictable.  He started with a big ship, but discarded the idea as too romantic.

The men are carve in a sign of the cross, which , in the arts, symbolizes conflict.

See how tiny the men are, leaning back in surprise.  Here was the strength of the smooth whale gliding down through the water, the texture of the splash of the water, and the confusion of the men in the boat.  The dynamics of the sea were successfully captured.

Bob is a perfectionist about detail and accuracy.  He first carved the little boat and then filled it up with men.  He began to feel himself inside the entire scene, not having to fight the technical aspects of carving.

SIGNED:  On the bottom of the base.

DATED:  This is the only 1983 figurine Bob would date and normally only en an entire set was purchased.  Dating is next to his signature on the bottom.

Source:  Page 69, The Goebel Miniatures of Robert Olszewski: An Authoritative Reference & Price Guide, Dick Hunt, published in 1989.


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