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Central Park Sunday

Updated:  March 14, 2013


Edition Size:  Open

Scale:  1/12th

Materials:  Hand-Painted Bronze

Mark: 664-B

Year of Issue: 1985

Issue Price: $45


Trademark:  TMK 3

Central Park Sunday

HISTORY:  This figurine comes from a Currier and Ives lithograph, "Central Park Winter, The Skating Pond," dated 1862, and can be found in their large print book.  In the picture there was a large crowd of people in the park, but Bob elected to use only these two.

GENERAL:  Bob is aware that his daughter is no longer a little girl.  He obviously has a special sentimental feeling towards her.  This is the feeling that he is trying to project in this figurine.

In the figurine, we have a father who is successful, stable, proud, and a very much put together man.  He is out enjoying an afternoon skating with his very sweet and innocent daughter.

The faces are especially well done an show solid character.  Take a 10-power lens or a magnifying glass and look closely at her round, cherub-like face and the character of her father's face.  It is not easy to take a piece of metal one-eight inch wide, such as a face, and give it feeling.  The character of the father is linked back to "Grandpa."  Bob knew he could carve age into a face.

The motion is excellent with their bodies leaning forward and her dress flowing out in back.  However, the real electricity is the relationship between father and daughter and who they are as a couple.

The textures of her hat and hair and the line of fur around her dress contrast well with the smoothness of his coat and the base.  Note the sophistication that was carved into her dress and its folds.  Textures are more than just scratches in the wax.  Now they have direction and depth.

The Olszewski printed signature is engraved on the back.

SIGNED:  On the bottom of the base.

Source:  Page 98, The Goebel Miniatures of Robert Olszewski: An Authoritative Reference & Price Guide, Dick Hunt, published in 1989.

A "Process Stick" was made to depict the production process.  Below is an image of the steps involved.

Central Park Sunday Process Stick

For more information about the Process Sticks, click here.

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