Olszewski Disney Art Availability


This list identifies those items that are currently in stock at the Disney Parks Retail Stores.

(Use the SKU #s provided when ordering to assist in identifying Olszewski products with the Disney Company)

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Last Updated:  July 13, 2014


SKU #s
Name of Item
Collection Category
400007736474 Tow Mater Cars Playscape
400007736481 Piston Cup Cars Playscape
400014673311 Moonliner DL Main Street
400008510554 Haunted Mansion DL Main Street
400008510516 Center Stage DL Main Street
400008510561 Opera House DL Main Street
400008510578 Ticket Gates DL Main Street
030320060040 Astro Orbitor DL Main Street
030220072013 Ticket Gates DL Main Street
400001031759 Market House DL Main Street
030330050079 Opera House DL Main Street
400012213656 Marquee DL Main Street
400001468203 House of the Future DL Main Street
400008901789 Crystal Arcade DL Main Street
400008578882 City Hall/Fire Station DL Main Street
400156787464 Train Station DL Main Street
400156771326 Cinema DL Main Street
400007949133 Sleeping Beauty Castle DL Main Street
030220050110 Penny Arcade DL Main Street
400006725226 Ice Cream Corner DL Main Street
400156206613 Exposition Hall DL Main Street
030220050097 Monorail Mark V DL Main Street
400001468197 House of the Future AP DL Main Street
030220050127 Coke Corner DL Main Street
400010924363 Clothiers DL Main Street
400011807856 King Triton's Garden DL Main Street
400016487084 Monorail Mark I DL Main Street
030220050103 Hotel/Show Case DL Main Street
030320050027 Jungle Cruise DL Main Street/Attraction
030320060057 Haunted Mansion DL Main Street/Attraction
030320060064 Pirates of the Caribbean DL Main Street/Attraction
030320060033 Mark Twain DL Main Street/Attraction
400003342693 Pinocchio's Daring Adventure DL Main Street/Fantasyland
400001335055 Snow White Scary Adventure DL Main Street/Fantasyland
030320050010 Tea Cup Ride DL Main Street/Fantasyland
400017850399 Mr Toad's Wild Ride DL Main Street/Fantasyland
400015577502 Dumbo The Flying Elephant DL Main Street/Fantasyland
400007949157 Sleeping Beauty Castle Gallery of Light//Park Attraction
400007949126 Hitch Hiking Ghosts Gallery of Light//Park Attraction
400003067473 Captain Nemo Gallery of Light/Film/20,000 Leagues
400003343102 Dumbo Gallery of Light/Film/Dumbo
400007775930 Magic in the Stars Gallery of Light/Film/Fantasia
400008085601 Little Mermaid Row Boat Scene Gallery of Light/Film/Little Mermaid
400156338208 Tinker Bell Gallery of Light/Film/Peter Pan
400007775893 Touch the Spindle Gallery of Light/Film/Sleeping Beauty
400007489080 Snow White Kisses Dopey Gallery of Light/Film/Snow White
400156200529 Jail Scene Gallery of Light/Park Attraction
400003283477 DL Train Station Gallery of Light/Park Attraction
40000794089 Wicked Queen Gallery of Light
400007949218 Jack and Sally Gallery of Light
400007949164 Going Home Gallery of Light/Film/Snow White
400007949072 Bambi and Thumper Gallery of Light/Film/Bambi
400008085632 Gepetto Gallery of Light/Film/Pinnochio
400008085670 Tea Party Gallery of Light/Film/Alice in Wonderland
400008085625 Dumbo Gallery of Light/Film/Dumbo
400008085663 Tinker On the BLock Gallery of Light/Film/Peter Pan
400008085649 Snow White Kisses Dopey Gallery of Light/Film/Snow White
400003067497 Pirate Mickey Gallery of Light/Park Attraction
400017851532 Tea Cups Gallery of Light/Park Attraction
400003065479 Talk to Crush Gallery of Light/Park Attraction
400003283484 WDW Train Station Gallery of Light/Park Attraction
400017851464 Jungle Cruise Gallery of Light/Park Attraction
400007775916 Cinderella Castle Gallery of Light/Park Attraction
400008085656 TeaCups Gallery of Light/Park Attraction
400007775961 R2D2 Heirloom / Paper Clip Box
400003343409 Sleeping Beauty Castle Heirloom / Paper Clip Box
400003282470 Darth Vader Heirloom / Paper Clip Box
400007716148 Enchanted Tiki Room Heirloom / Paper Clip Box
400003343386 Maleficent Heirloom / Paper Clip Box
400156324034 Haunted Mansion #3 PokitPal/Adventureland
400156464488 Pirates of the Caribbean + PokitPal/Adventureland
400156324089 Haunted Mansion #2 PokitPal/Adventureland
400007840812 Dak Tiger PokitPal/Animal Kingdom
400002754480 Stitch PokitPal/Character
400156464471 Mickey Mouse   PokitPal/Character
400007949065 Minnie Mouse PokitPal/Character
400003284689 Goofy + PokitPal/Character
400156464525 Tinker Bell PokitPal/Character
400156464495 Jack Night Before Christmas PokitPal/Character
400003285488 Cheshire Cat PokitPal/Character
400003343355 Pluto + PokitPal/Character
400007093188 Lightning McQueen PokitPal/Character
400007093218 Ramone PokitPal/Character
400007840836 Mickey Pumpkin PokitPal/Character
400007775992 Chip and Dale PokitPal/Character
400007093263 Tow Mater + PokitPal/Character
400007775985 Minnie Best Teacher PokitPal/Character
400017779782 Donald Duck/Star Wars PokitPal/Character
400007775909 Mickey Mouse Golfer PokitPal/Character
400017849584 Jiminy Cricket PokitPal/Character
400002754473 Walter E. Disney Train PokitPal/DL&WDW Main Street
400007949201 Cinderella Castle PokitPal
400007949171 Cinderella Coach PokitPal
400007949119 Belle PokitPal
400008085526 Mary Poppins PokitPal
400008085502 Cruella PokitPal
400008085519 Donald Duck PokitPal
400003284498 Electrical Light Parade PokitPal/DL&WDW Main Street
400017850542 Geppeto's Workshop Sign PokitPal/Fantasyland
400156324072 Dumbo PokitPal/Fantasyland
400017850887 Casey Jr PokitPal/Fantasyland
400002754503 King Arthur's Carrousel PokitPal/Fantasyland
400002754497 Golden Horseshoe PokitPal/Frontierland
400003284566 Shooting Gallery PokitPal/Frontierland
400017850054 Big Al PokitPal/Frontierland
400017850139 Frontier Paddle + PokitPal/Frontierland
400002962601 Mark Twain PokitPal/Frontierland
400007949096 Maleficent PokitPal
400007949140 Nightmare Jack PokitPal
400003274475 President Washington PokitPal/Hall of Presidents
400002962670 Snow White PokitPal/Princess
400007840829 Sleeping Beauty PokitPal/Princess
400013868954 Matterhorn PokitPal//Tomorrowland
400003275526 WED People Mover PokitPal/Tomorrowland
400017849744 Autopia PokitPal/Tomorrowland
400015490139 Submarine Voyage + PokitPal/Tomorrowland
400007775954 Skyway Bucket PokitPal/Tomorrowland
400003284665 Captain Hook + PokitPal/Villians
400007949102 Ursula PokitPal/Villians
400017850627 Evil Queen PokitPal/Villians
400000286518 Emporium back half w/ Car Barn + WDW Main Street
400156771319 Emporium Front Half + WDW Main Street
400007606371 Central Plaza WDW Main Street
400156206620 Confectionary/Chapeau WDW Main Street
400007949195 Cinderella Castle WDW Main Street
400007775978 Casey's Corner WDW Main Street
400156439240 City Hall/Fire Station WDW Main Street
400010924516 Photo Corner WDW Main Street
400003088539 Magic Kingdom Sign WDW Main Street
400007775923 Ice Cream Corner + WDW Main Street
400000286525 Market House + WDW Main Street
400013869371 Electrical Light Parade Set #1 WDW&DL Main Street
400017850214 Electrical Light Parade Set #3 WDW&DL Main Street
400003062478 Electrical Light Parade Set #4 WDW&DL Main Street
400007949188 Electrical Light Parade Set #5 WDW&DL Main Street




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