Instructions for Removing the Base

of the Disneyland Marquee Sign

Special care is required when removing the Disneyland Marquee from its' base and preparing it for the Main Street Platform.  Please read and follow these instructions.
Step 1:  Lay your piece on a flat surface (see Image A).  Remove the 4 small screws holding in the battery case.  Once removed your piece should look like Image B.

Marquee Image A

Image A

Step 2:  Mark each wire connection point to the 3 plugs to the circuit board with a dot, an X and a dash (-).  Be sure to mark both the male and female sides to the plugs.  This way you will know which wires will need to be reconnected back together when you put your Marquee on the platform.


Step 3:  Unplug each connection, both from the circuit board as well as from the battery pack.


Marquee Image B

Image B

Step 4:  Next, look inside the base and you will notice 2 larger screws that hold the Marquee to the base.  Remove these screws carefully and your Marquee top should be able to be removed from the base.  (see image C).

Step 5:  Now that your Marquee top is completely removed from the circuit board and the base, you can now feed the four plugs carefully through the hole in your platform where the Marquee will sit.  You may want to use some Vecro to keep the Marquee firmly in place on your platform.

Step 6:  Working from beneath your platform, you should now reattach the maile plugs to the female plugs on the circuit board.  Make sure to match the dot to dot, the X to X and the (-) to (-).  You will be left with one extra wire plug which will not be used.

Step 7:  Plug the male plug that comes off the circuit board to the lighting system "C" using one of the red/green female plugs.

Congratulations, you have connected your Marquee to the platform lighting system.

Marquee Image C

Image C



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