The Proposal

Edition: 100 (7 held by the artist, 93 sold by Lottery)

Era: Olszewski Studios

Category: Figurine

Product Line: Art of Miniatures

Series Name: Special

Art Form: Painted Bronze

Size: 1"

Identifying Mark: 1

First Year of Issue: 1994

First Year Issue Price: $550

Highest Known Price Paid: $2000

Artist's Age: 49

Olszewski The Proposal

The Proposal-Mark

Olszewski Roses with The Proposal and Wedding Ring

Description:  Inspired by the romantic spirit that enthralled 19th century Staffordshire artisans, The Proposal brilliantly captures that moment when the most heartfelt question of all hangs gently in the air between two lovers.  Look closely...

The gentlemen clutches a gold ring to his breast...his heart is filled with love, anticipation and, perhaps a touch of apprehension.  His expression is earnest, his tone sincere.  And while only seconds away from his answer, he feels as if time has stood still.

The gentle lady, having been asked the question she's longed to hear, averts her eyes and envisions a brief glimpse of life with her love.  For here, the moment is filled with wonder and a sense of future.

This is The Proposal...a very personal interpretation filled with warmth and emotion by master sculptor Robert Olszewski.  The Proposal is an exquisitely detailed miniature figurine measuring just 1 inch tall.  The figurine is of hand poured foundry bronze, impeccably painted and glazed by hand.

The Proposal was sold on a lottery basis to ensure fair and equitable distribution to collectors of Olszewski's work.

The Proposal had so much special significance for Olszewski that there was a graphic inscribed in The Proposal so that the piece had special meaning to the Collector.  For those who purchased the piece, Olszewski offered to add the names chosen by the Collector and date of special importance to the piece, making it uniquely theirs.


The figurine to the left of The Proposal is "Roses" which also has significant meaning.  Click here for the "rest of the story."

Source(s): Olszewski Studios



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