At the Crossing

Edition:  1

Era: Pre-Goebel

Category: Oil on Canvas

Product Line: N/A

Series Name: N/A

Art Form: Painting


Identifying Mark: Hand Signed

First Year of Issue: c. 1966

First Year Issue Price: N/A

Highest Known Price Paid:

Artist's Age: 21

HISTORY:  This piece was painted during the summer of 1966. I took summer classes at IUP (Indiana University at Pennsylvania) and each evening I would stretch up two fresh canvases for the next day. This was not a class assignment but something I did for myself. After breakfast I would load up my easel, paints and the two canvasses and walkdown the hill toward the railroad tracks. The discipline was that when I stopped for a rest, I would paint whatever scene was before me. On this particular day I had stopped just short of the crossing. By noon the painting was done. You can see the flury of action in the paint application. It is what I would say a very direct piece, the paint going on as though an extension of my arm. No going back for corrections and obviously a piece painted on the spot. After I moved to California I showed this piece and won awards with it, and sold it to a friend of mine, which I later lamented. So some years later I bumped into him and bought it back paying double the price.It has hung over our mantel since and I enjoy it every day.



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