Woodland Nativity

from the Luminart Collection

Edition:  First

Era: Olszewski Studios

Category: Figurine

Product Line: Luminiart

Series Name:  Woodland Nativity

Art Form: Painted Resin


Identifying Mark: 196

First Year of Issue: 2005

First Year Issue Price: $120.00

Highest Known Price Paid: Unknown

Artist's Age: 60


Woodland Nativity


Olszewski Luminiart Woodland Nativity


“Woodland Nativity”

This Luminiart is an illimunated sculpture that was inspired by the art and landscape of Oberammergau, Germany, a tiny hamlet in the Bavarian Alps. Oberammergau is situated in a wide valley, surrounded by forests, mountains and meadows. The Luminiart Woodland Nativity portrays a setting with deer moving through dense woodland. Except for the star in the night sky, there are no clues as to what you will discover within. Depress the light switch and then slowly open the forest doors to expose a visual feast that presents itself that is both liturgical and theatrical.

Oberammergau is a place that is world-renowned for its annual passion play, a vast six-hour spectacle. About 2,200 people from this small German town, population of 5,350, participate in the annual production. Oberammergau is also acclaimed for its wood carvings, most notably holy statuary and elaborate creches, that date back as far as the Middle Ages. This Luminiart sculpture captures both the thematic and stylistic inspiration from this statuary. Notice the birds, hovering high above the trees, like angels. At this moment forest foes are friends and peace reigns as all drink from the water that springs at the Christ child’s feet.


The Artist invites your imagination to travel to the Bavarian hamlet of Oberammergau, where the beauty of nature merges with the sacred arts. Depress the light switch, then slowly open the forest doors. A visual feast presents itself that is both liturgical and theatrical.



Source(s): Olszewski Studios, Harmony Ball Company



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