The Tinker's Treasure

by Robert Olszewski



Once upon a time, in the land of Lytle lived a Little Tinker. The tinker worked at an old stump under a strawberry bush next to his house.  He loved making beautiful things and carved the birds, flowers, and bees from his garden.  Each Treasure he made was so beautiful that they sparkled, not only by day, but in the night.  The little tinker was very happy in the land of lytle.


Lytle was a small garden patch that grew right under the castle balcony of the greatest kingdom of all in the land of MADE.  The land of MADE was twelve times the size of Lytle, and had many kingdoms.  Most kingdoms had castles that were made of wood and stone, but the greatest kingdom was ruled by a king that lived in the Castle of Gleaming White Porcelain.  One night the great King stepped to the edge of his balcony to enjoy the night air and noticed tiny lights sparkling in his garden.  The wise King knew it was too late in the season for fireflies, and sent his viceroy to solve this mystery.  The Viceroy easily found the sparkling lights and brought the tiny treasures and the tinker to the King.


The Viceroy. in charge of all things made, dreamed of all the treasurers the little tinker could make.  The little tinker, having never met a king, sat in silence as the Viceroy carried on with his dreams.  The little tinker knew he could never make so many things, but was determined to do his best.


With great fanfare, the tinker left the land of Lytle and took on the task to build a new kingdom in the land of MADE.  To encourage the tinker to work hard, the Viceroy promised to plant a small fruit tree in the orchard for each tiny treasure the tinker made, so he could harvest the fruit in his old age.


Years passed, and the tinker found himself working harder and harder, and even so could not finish the kingdom for the Viceroy.  The little tinker, growing older, grew weary and one day fell very ill.  The worked stopped, and the task of building kingdoms was left far behind.  As the days passed, the tinker slowly regained his strength.  From his window, the tinker had full view of his garden, and once again enjoyed the birds, flowers and bees.  He now realized how much he missed the little strawberry patch, and now knew that his treasure was "To Be..."  found in his very own garden, and was ...Not To Be found building kingdoms.


Late one night, while the Viceroy was sleeping, the tinker waited under the balcony for the great King to enjoy the night air.  He asked the King it he could return to the strawberry patch.  Upon seeing the tinker, the King knew it was a wish he had to grant.


From that night on, the little tinker lived happily with his family in the garden patch that grew right under the balcony of the great King of MADE.


  • The King grew wise with age and ruled over the land for many years to come, and made certain that the tinker was never to be bothered again.
  • The Viceroy left the land of MADE in search of new kingdoms to build.
  • The orchard never grew, as the Viceory was too busy to tend and water the fruit trees.  So, in his old age the tinker lived from the treasures he made for his friends, and was very happy in the land of Lytle.




The Beginning...

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