Olszewski Signing Event, Disneyland

Release of King Triton's Garden and Plaza Pavilion Main Street USA Sculptures

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Disneyland - March 31, 2007.  Again, I was on hand for this special signing event which was truly a wonderful experience.  Literally, throngs of people lined Main Street USA in front of the Disneyana store, where inside, Bob was perched on one of his tables signing the King Triton's Garden and Plaza Pavilion Main Street USA releases.  To Bob's right, collectors passed by several new pieces to include the GALLERY OF LIGHT® and the HEIRLOOM BOX® collection product lines. 

Outside, one line was for purchases, the other for a brief visit and signing by Bob Olszewski.  The Disney crew was superb in handling the crowds who wanted to have their pieces signed and personally meet Bob.  I have learned over the many years being with Bob that "signing a piece of Bob's art" is also very special to him as well as the collector.  He has always said:  "If a collector takes the time to wait in line, purchase my art, and travel the distance, then the least I can do, is accomodate them." Besides, I know Bob loves to meet the collectors as he finds them interesting, smart, and very excited about the art.

I stationed myself outside where I could meet and chat with those waiting in line.  I met with new collectors, seasoned collectors, and some who did not know why they were standing in line collectors.  Just kidding!  The whole experience was a blast.  As I said in the March 18th, 2007 wrap up, I'm starting to get to know many of these collectors who are now becoming old friends.

On display in front of the store, Travis, Olszewski Studios' General Manager, was entertaining a continuous presence of very interested collectors in the Main Street USA Platform.  He talked continously answering questions about the platform, the new releases, and providing technical assistance.  I do not believe there was a time once when there wasn't anyone surrounding the Platform during the 3 hour (9am to 12pm) signing event.  At about 11:45, the Disney Team announced they had to close the line as everything sold out!

When I returned to Virginia from my California trip, again, there were numerous emails from collectors who were totally disappointed that the products had sold out and they could not get their pieces to add to their Platform and collection.  

Again, the pieces are sold only at Disneyland, by mail order through www.disneygallery.com or by calling 1-877-560-6477 or via e-mail at dl.delivears@disney.go.com.


King Triton's Garden ~ Snow White's Grotto


Main Street USA

King Triton's Garden ~
Snow White's Grotto

Retail: $235

Plaza Inn


Main Street USA

Plaza Inn



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