Era: Goebel Miniatures

Category: Figurine

Product Line: Art of Miniatures

Series Name: Women's

Art Form: Painted Bronze


Identifying Mark: 614-P

First Year of Issue: 1984

First Year Issue Price: $65

Highest Known Price Paid: $

Artist's Age: 39




Description:  A young lady painter was working in the studio [Goebel Miniatures], and Bob could see  here from the window in his office.  From time to time, the man she was dating would send her a bouquet of roses.  Bob watched them being delivered to her.  After the excitement of receiving the roses, she would hold one and just meditate for a few moments.  That experience became the model for this figurine.

GENERAL:  This is a quiet figurine.  "Roses are like fine wine," says philosopher Bob, "very quiet and subtle."  This is the feeling he was trying to capture.  note the relaxed shoulders, the bow in her back, both hands together holding one vivid red rose -- just drifting away in her thoughts.

Notice the light blue glaze on the bottom of her dress, which bleeds up onto the dress as though it were highlighted.  A similar wash is found on the ottoman.

Bob is fond of the neat hair style on this porcelain-looking figurine.

"Roses" has more texture and a better hair style than its predecessor,  "Precious Years."  Take both in your hands and compare them.  Turn them and feel the weight in the woman's body inside the dress of "Roses."  The same feeling is not there in "Precious Years."  Bob felt he had reached a new dimenstion in his work:  that of feeling inside the sculpture.  Examine them both with a magnifying glass in the quiet of your home and feel the peace.

SIGNED:  On the top or back side of the chair.

Source(s): Olszewski Studios and Dick Hunt' s BookThe Goebel Miniatures of Robert Olszewski


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