Release of Pirates of the Caribbean

November 18, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean Sculpture

Pirates of the Caribbean Sculpture

Released November 18, 2006

Pre-Signing Day

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It was a very early wakeup for Bob, Travis, and Ray who traveled to Disneyland to pre-sign several hundred Pirates of the Caribbean Sculptures prior to the November 18th Signing Event at Disneyland.  The Disneyland's Product Team were quite ready for Bob having opened every single box and positioned each of the Pirates pieces for Bob to sign them.  Here are some of the pictures Ray (Bob's Brother and Webmaster) took to share with collectors and give them an idea of what happens at a "Pre-signing Event." 

Pirates Laid Out
Product Team's pre-arrangement of the hundreds of sculptures for Bob to sign.

Bob starts to sign.

Bob signing a Pirates Sculpture
Pirates Signed
The Team

The Brothers

Pirates of the Caribbean Signed by Olszewski.

Can you find it?

If not, click on image.

The Product Team

Thanks Team Disney, for all your hard work!

Bob and Ray Olszewski and Travis (not pictured)


Signing Day Saturday, November 18

It was a most enjoyable day for Olszewski Studios (Bob, Travis and Ray) to be with the collectors at Disneyland.  Bob Olszewski was perched high on a stool beside a tall table signing the purchased pieces.  This was in the Gallery Room where beautiful pictures of Disneyland and many sculptures were on display.  One in particular was Disneyland Main Street U.S.A. platform filled and covered with a plexiglas cover.  Being in the center of the Gallery, this allowed many collectors standing in line to see the platform in almost its entirety with the landscape trees, signs, sculptures, and accessories.  As Bob signed the piece he enjoyed the many and varied conversations with the enthusiastic collectors. 


Main Street U.S.A. Platform* Under a Plexiglas Cover

on display in the fabulous Gallery above

The Pirates of Caribbean Attraction

*Created by Olszewski Studio

Sold Exclusively by Olszewski Studios

Travis Tokuyama, Olszewski Studios General Manager, was stationed at the best place he could possibly be and that was at the Main Street U.S.A. Platform which we carried to show those who have ordered it and what they will be receiving.  Travis fielded a lot of questions about the Platform, the pieces that will go into it, the plexiglas cover, how to care for it, etc.  For more up-to-date information, be sure to see Olszewski Studios News and Views. 

Main Street U.S.A. Platform Base

Main Street U.S.A. Platform Base

Created by Olszewski Studios and

sold exclusively by Olszewski Studios

Pirates Pirates

The signing event at Disneyland was a first-time experience for Ray, Bob's brother.  Ray has attended many of Bob's events over the past 30 years and this one was very special to him.  In the past, Ray sold many of Bob's Pre-Goebel, Goebel, and Olszewski Studios figurines, displays, etc, and actually still does today through his web site  This time these were new collectors of Olszewski art he was meeting at Disneyland.  Ray walked the lines meeting and greeting and hearing a lot of very positive comments about the Olszewski Studios web-site.  Collectors told Ray how much they enjoyed reading the history of Olszewski and seeing all those photo images of Bob's works of art.  Ray emphasized to those he talked with to make sure they sign up to receive periodic information from Olszewski Studios through the web-site's Contact Us page.

Ray photographed many of the attendees and is sharing those below.  If you took any photographs and would like to share them, please send them to Ray at: 

Pirates Pirates Pirates
A Cheerful Welcome! Lines were long! Staging Area!
A couple of Pirates to deal with! Patient Collectors! More Collectors!
Pirates Pirates Pirates
Finally Getting to Meet the Artist! They must have been special! Finally Getting their Piece signed!
Pirates Pirates Pirates
Thanks for Signing my Piece! Dedicated Collectors! The Hardworking Sales Staff!
Laurie and Ray Pirates

Bob & Ray

Photo by Michelle Mock

Laurie asked me to take a picture with her!  Imagine that? Great Disneyland Staff! Thanks to all of you for coming and thanks for appreciating my little brother's art!
After the Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean signing event, Bob, Travis and Ray carried the Main Street U.S.A. platform to the Nixon Library to set it up for the train exhibit. 
Nixon Nixon Nixon
Lilly Belle
Olszewski Main Street U.S.A.



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