Olszewski Renaissance Collection

Updated:  July 24, 2019

     The Renaissance Collection is a decorative gift box & Jewelry line of special occasion gift items from Olszewski Studios that was created and produced in 1997 and 1998.  Designed from microsculptures by Olszewski, these precious pieces functioned as Decorative gift boxes that has a long and distinguished history.  For hundreds of years, European silver and goldsmiths created special boxes to hold everyday objects.  Each unique box is a study in anecdotal detail and graceful animation, capturing the defining moment of a story that unfolds before our eyes.  Through the simple act of looking, an Olszewski microsculpture engages the viewer, offering, a brief respite from the mundane.   A complete listing of the pieces that Olszewski produced for this line can be found in the Olszewski Studios Era (1994-Today) Comprehensive List.

     Each box reflects a technical blend of metals and comes with a handmade satin liner to hold special personal treasures. 

     The following were produced under the Renaissance Collection:

  • Jewelry
    • Garden Bracelet (Sterling and 14kt Gold)
    • Dollhouse Dreams Pendant (gold or silver finish)
    • Just Say No! Earrings (14kt gold)
  • Decorative Boxes
  • Ultra Collection
    • Fox Hunt (gold or silver finish)
    • Fox Hunt (gold or silver finish with Horseshoe Pin)
  • Four Seasons Collection
    • Winter (Gold finish)
    • Winter (Gold finish with Snow Rabbit Pin)
    • Spring (Gold finish)
    • Spring (Gold finish with Friendship Butterfly Pin)
    • Summer (Gold finish)
    • Summer (Gold finish with Friendship Butterfly Pin)
    • Fall (Gold finish)
    • Fall (gold finish with Miss you Phone Pin)
  • Special Gift Collection
    • Red Riding Hood (Gold Finish)
    • Red Ridding Hold (Gold Finish with Just Say No! Pin)
    • Dream Girl (Gold Finish)
    • Dream Girl (Gold finish with It's a Girl Pin)
    • Dream Boy (Gold finish)
    • Dream Boy (Gold finish with It's a Boy pin)

     The link to "microsculptures" above and here is the focus of Andrew Voth's article published for the Carnegie Museum Retrospective. 

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