Instructions for the Installation of the

"House of the Future"

aka "Monsanto House"

into the

Olszewski Miniature Disneyland Main Street, U.S.A. Platform

Updated:  March 18, 2011


     Prepare the House of the Future to be installed into the platform by removing it from the base.

     Next remove the large tree found next to the stairs on the right of the House of the Future.  Your piece should look like that shown in the following image:




     Next, you will need to prepare your King Triton’s Garden to receive the House of the Future.  Remove the trees marked B & C from the piece see image below:




     With these trees removed your piece should look like this:




     Tip:  You may want to touch up the tree holes with color “Building Hedge” green from the Touch Up Paint Kit.

Installing the House of the Future in the King Triton’s Garden

    • Option #1 – not going to have the House of Future light up.  Tuck the wiring up into the cavity.
    • Options #2 – want to be able to light up House of the Future.  Feed the wiring carefully through the trees remaining in the piece and out the back along the path.  Please note that you will need to prepare the electrical connection before installing the House of the Future – see videos for instructions on doing this.
    • While holding the House of the Future by the front, point the stairs toward the wide passage way opening.  Using the small hedge (opposite stairs from where you removed the large tree) as a guide, place the hedge into the space between Ariel’s grotto and the tree.  See image below:




Additional tip:  You may want to use some of your removed trees to hide the gap behind your House of the Future and the Ariel’s Grotto, see image below:




     For additional help with the installation, please refer to the video links below:    Part 1   Part 2

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