Olszewski Heirloom Boxes Paper Clip Box Series

Updated:  July 9, 2013


Olszewski uses lots of paper clips in his studio. They allow him to organize the life of a design as it evolves from the original 2D image to the completed master. If the project life runs two and a half years, the file of single sheet images could be as thick as one to two inch's, and  without paper clips, would quickly turn into chaos. So...that little metal miracle keeps my world of art under control.  

THE PAPER  CLIP DESK BOX CONCEPT  Olszewski's work areas are overun with all sorts of sculpting tools, paint, brushes and files of reference. CHAOS!  This makes the paperclip a point of order and easy access to one a necessity. Here are his design rules. Must be small but large enough not to be buried by the  debris. The box must be compact and without parts sticking out that could easily be broken off by flying objects. The box should only be two parts, a top and bottom. A three part box would only add to the confusion. When possible the lid should have a magnet. When working Olszewski can only deal with one paperclip at a time. He calls all of these requirements 

DESK FRIENDLY. Any paperclip box that does not meet these demands should be banned from the desk and live it's life out in the curio cabinet. 

THE TIKI HUT PAPERCLIP BOX   This little gem distinguishes itself by the surface textures. Look it over and you will see a variety of natural plant textures including the thatched roof and bamboo frames. The woven matte wall gave Olszewski an interesting horizontal texture to work with. This highly active surface was just the kind of challenge I love.  Each texture had to be carved at the right size and depth so that when applied, the antique color would gives us a natural  range of organized lights and darks. When Olszewski begin a paperclip box it's always a mystery as to which road the finished piece will take him, desk or curio cabinet. Olszewski's will sit on his desk.   One last comment. It's easy to put the top on wrong. Check out the photo, it's on correctly and looks great. When the top is on wrong it really bugs him! So ... if everyone that reads this could keep an eye out for this and politely let a cast member know Olszewski would appreciate it.TOPS ON RIGHT!


The Heirloom Box Paper Clip Box Series concept is presented as a decorated carved desk box that can hold any number of items including coins, recipes, letters, lottery tickets, and other personal treasures.  The magnetic tops are suitable for holding paper clips.  Designs are Disney themed, measure approximately:  4.5" h x 3.5" w x 3.5" d, are handpainted and made of fine casted resin.   Items shown are sold exclusively at the Disney Parks gift stores.


Mickey Mouse
Haunted Mansion (Disneyland)
Darth Vader a
a R2D2
Maleficient Olszewski Heirloom Boxes Paper Clip Box Series Sleeping Beauty Maleificient - measures 2.5" w x 2.5" d x 4.75" h Sells for $30.00
Olszewski Enchanted Tiki Room Paper Clip Box Enchanted Tiki Room
Sleeping Beauty Castle Coming SOon
Coming Soon Cinderella Castle








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