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Last Updated:  May 30, 2013


     The Walt Disney World Main Street, U.S.A. Collection is a series of miniature (1/220th scale) architectural models replicating the buildings, attractions, icons, and sculptures found at the Magic Kingdom® park in Orlando, Florida.  This project has been ongoing since 2005 when the Magic Kingdom's Cinderella Castle was released. The program is similar to the Disneyland Main Street, U.S.A. Collection found at the Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California.  A number of items to include characters and vehicles that have already been produced for that collection will be applicable to the Walt Disney World Collection.  These are noted below in the listings provided. Each year, the Disney Company commissions Robert Olszewski the creator and architect of the Collection to produce additional buildings and structures for the Collection.  It is the Walt Disney Company that sells the pieces in the collection at various parks as well as on line.  To find out where to buy Olszewski art, click here.

     The collection was started with the notion of creating a Christmas style village, with a working train being able to go around the village.  The village would be completed with characters and vehicles to create an interactive architectural model.  Through collaborative efforts with Olszewski Studios, head by renowned miniaturist Robert Olszewski, Disney is proud to present these state-of-the-art reproductions of Main Street, U.S.A.  In order to capture the essense of what the Disney Imagineers created in the park, our structures are more highly detailed and the lighting is more specific, than you would normally see in a Department 56 Village.

     Each major design has been carefully crafted to retain the "Magic" of the Walt Disney World Park, exquisitely detailed with special lighting allowing the collector to view the park both as daytime as well as nightime.  The buildings have been created in "Z" scale (1/220th) with doorways and windows enlarged to create the illusion that the vehicles and characters relate to them.  Characters and vehicles, to include the train, have been created in "N" scale (1/160th).

     The reason behind the two scales is that with "Z" scale for the buildings, we are able to create the entire Main Street setting that can be placed on a normal 6 foot banquet table.  The "N" scale train, characters and vehicles are being used so that parts are not too small.  We intended this collection to be able to be played with by all general Disney consumers.

     Like Disneyland, there will also be a platform to house the buildings and structures of the Walt Disney World Main Street, U.S.A. miniature collection.  A prototype platform for the collection has been constructed and in 2012, a survey was conducted to determine interest.  A very positive response was received and allows Olszewski Studios to proceed with the ordering the manufacture of the platform.  This is expected to be completed in 2013.  An announcement will be forthcoming when we are ready to begin production.  If you would like to place your name on the list for a platform, please Click here.

     Items listed below are sold only by The Disney Company at the Disney Parks or online at www.disneystore.com or call 1-877-560-6477.  Please note that the prices listed may have changed from the issue price listed.

Walt Disney World's Main Street U.S.A. Buildings designed to fit into Platform

Issue Price
Cinderella's Castle  (released 2005)
Town Square (released 2006)
City Hall~Engine Co. 71 Firehouse-Gift Station (released 2006)
Central Plaza (released 2008)  
Town Square Exposition Hall~Tony's Restaurant (released 2008)
Main Street Confectionary~The Chapeau (released 2008)
Main Street Emporium with Car Barn (released 2009)
Main Street Train Station (released 2009)
Main Street Cinema~Uptown Jewelers (released 2009)
Emporium - Back Half (released 2011)
Market House (released 2011)
Magic Kingdom Marquee (released 2011)
The Plaza Restaurant~Plaza Ice Cream Parlor (released 2013)
Add'l releases and re-releases will be announced to those on our email list.  To join or update, click here.  


Accessories ~ Vehicles ~ Characters ~ Other

Issue Price
ELP Set 1 (Released 2008)
ELP Set 2 (Released 2009)
ELP Set 3 (Released 2010)
ELP Set 4 (Released 2011)
ELP Set 5 (Released 2012)
Haunted Mansion (Released 2011)
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Horse Drawn Streetcar
Red Fire Truck
Yellow Horseless Carriage
Pin Trading Cart with Vendor
Fruit and Vegetable Cart with Vendor
Balloon Seller and Popcorn Cart Vendor
Princess Character Pack
Dapper Dans Character Pack
Fab Five Character Pack
Main Street Marching Band
Main Street Dickens Carolers


Platform and Accessories

(Items listed below are Sold Only Through Olszewski Studios)

Issue Price
There will be accessories!  Add'l releases and re-releases will be announced to those on our email list.  To join or update, click here.  



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