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27 Nov 2021


27 Nov 2021
Fabulous! Thank you so much!
Reading your books is like talking to an old friend - your conversation style with explanation is so you! 
I remember going to many shows here and listening to you talk. Reading your books are like that but better because I can read them and refer to them over and over.
Thank you! Have a joyful Christmas! I will await your invoice.

25 Nov 2021


Hello Bob: I received your latest yesterday - wow! I love it bound! There is so much information and life packed into this latest book that I will certainly read it again and again. I never purchased your Gallery of Light line but I certainly am blown away by the intricacy of these artworks! 

26 Nov 2021


Thank you Bob! I have to tell you that it is such an honor to be writing you directly!  Your artwork is just stunning! Are your events in Anaheim open to the public? 
Years ago when you would come to The Doll House in Scottsdale Arizona my Mom was always there to see you! She has collected all of your series and at 94 she continues to cherish every one of them! I am so thankful that I will inherit them some day! I have been collecting my own as often as I can find pieces that way I can in turn pass them down to my two daughters! You will forever be a part of our family! 
I hope your work continues for many years! 
Thank you again! 

24 Nov 2021


Got up early this morning and read the book you sent. It was almost written as you were writing a private letter, so it was very easy to finish. The insight into your thinking and planning is amazing. No wonder every piece is a wonder of art. I also enjoyed the tid bits of your personal life, which added more depth and meaning to some of your pieces. I cannot wait to purchase and prize your upcoming art when it is released. Although I know it is hard to get a hold of, I await on pins and needles. What a great talent you are. Thanks so much for the book. I will place it in my showcase along side my collection.


21 Feb 2021


We received the binder (The Poultry Seller).  We literally read it cover to cover as soon as we received it.  It's amazing to see your creative process. Actually, it's a GIFT for us to see your creative process!  To be able to get a little insight into how you create your work is so special to us. As much as we love and cherish every single Bob Olszewski piece we've collected through the years, this binder will forever be the piece that will remain closest to our hearts. When we look at the binder and see your notes, its' as if you are standing right here telling us your stories in person.

3 December 2020



I received the Binder and photo yesterday. 
I can’t begin to tell you what a pleasure reading the Binder and browsing the photos are.  I really love and appreciate the format...especially the personal touch of using a hand written manuscript.  I have a much greater appreciation of the process you use and your art.  Thank you for sharing and answering questions that many of your fans have.

Again, thank you for the signed photo.

Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and stay safe.

10 Nov 2020


The binder arrived yesterday and I couldn't wait to read it cover to cover - really brought back some fond memories...thank you for creating your treasures and sharing your gifts to the world - you are always amazing to me! Have a blessed and safe holiday and keep me on your list!

29 Oct 2020


Hi Bob!
    Loved every page of the binder.  Please sign me up for every future binder that you will be making.   Loved it! 

Take care.

29 Oct 2020


Bob, the binder is wonderful.   I love it.

27 Oct 2020


Hey Bob!

Hope you are doing well during these times. I received an email this morning from your studio outlining the new publication of "The Poultry Seller." I am so excited you decided to create something like this! I think you signing, dating and making each one personal is a very nice touch as well. I noticed you are calling this the first publication which makes me wonder if you have plans to do any others?

27 Oct 2020


I just received your first binder.  It looks great.  So much detail.  Just like what you create.  I will read it later tonight.  I am excited to go through it.

I see at the back of the binder that if interested, to put in a reserve for binder 2.  I would like to do that.  Enjoy the rest of your day

Warm regards

27 Oct 2020



I hope you and Eva are doing OK and staying safe and healthy.
All three of us just want to send you a “Thank You” for your binder. What a cool piece of inspiration and history. As I said a couple of weeks ago, it may not be, specifically, in reference to our collection but, it certainly does give us a glimpse into the process and the personal attention you take in all of your work.
Have a fantastic rest of your weekend and thanks for everything!

27 Oct 2020


  I am in complete awe of this gift which shows your personal record and history in this creation of the 1992 “Poultry Seller.”  The depth of your chronological accounting in your own words and personally written is absolutely amazing and incredibly informative.
I have read the binder twice now and each time I am left in wonderment by the magnitude of and evolution of your creation. As a dentist who works with 6x magnification daily in everything I do, I am especially fascinated by and so understanding of the incredibly precise detail of all your works of art I have collected over the years, and now with even more added appreciation in your “Poultry Seller.
In closing I would love to reserve a copy of Binder #2 in addition to knowing its release date as well as any future binders you put together down the road.
This gift is my most priceless work of art I now have of yours.
Best regards always,

27 Oct 2020


I absolutely love the idea. This is pure brilliance on your part! It really is quite amazing to think that YOU are responsible for everything that has come out of your studio, pretty impressive. I plan on handing down my entire Main Street collection as well as the roughly 20 GOL boxes I have to my son someday. These binders will be great pieces to accompany the collection, even if you don't do them for the Main Street or GOL programs. Also, I think that keeping the wording in your own hand writing is great, really adds a nice touch. Keep up the great work, Bob! I look forward to seeing what you do next. Stay safe!


26 Oct 2020


Hello Bob & Studio!

I am just half way through perusing Binder #1, and it is fascinating!

Seeing the last page, I would like to place an order for  #2 Poultry
Seller    if available.   

Also I am interested to reserve a copy #2

26 Oct 2020


I just finished reading the binder.  It was terrific.  Thank you again and hopefully we will be able to get together soon.




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