Moses and the Pharaoh

Edition: First

Era: Olszewski Personal Works

Category: Original

Product Line: Art of Miniature

Series Name: Gardens

Art Form: Figurine

Materials: Resin, Bronze and Brass

Where Produced:  U.S.A.

Size: 4.25 inches

Identifying Mark: None

First Year of Issue: 2022

First Year Issue Price: $450.00

Edition Size:  Open

Artist's Age: 75

Where to purchase: Artist's Online Store

Moses and the Pharaoh

Shown above is the Moses and the Pharaoh of Robert Olszewski's Garden that measures

4.25 inches tall and includes five (5) micro 'Lotus' flowers.



HISTORY:  Moses and the Pharaoh is the artist's second product for the Garden Series. Like the Unicorn Vase, which he introduced 6 years ago in 2017, this piece also offers another presentation of 'flowers. Unlike Unicorn variants, i.e., with and without flowers, however, Moses and the Pharaoh comes with flowers. The piece is cast and painted in the U.S.A. and is made of resin, bronze and brass and depicts the Pharaoh looking out over his kingdom from his stone constructed throne.  His power is unquestioned but below him on the piece you will find the infant "Moses" floating on the Nile River in a basket unnoticed. Each piece purchased comes with 5 individual 'Lotus' flowers, which when rendered in 'blue' represents the 'wisdom' of the Pharaoh. As described in the artist's Book No. 2, page 25, which you can read at the link, the artist explains why he likes the vase concept for telling a story. He identifies the 3 elements that he feels presents the piece: (1) the base can hold a 3--dimensional figure, (2) the vase walls are for 2-D images, and (3) the flowers have cultural meaning the world over. The piece stands 4.25" high and each one is individually hand-painted in the Artist's home studio with the help of his wife, Eva. Click here to take you to the artist's online store.



Source(s):  Olszewski Studios© 2023



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