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Last Updated: 15-May-2012

Olszewski Disneyland Main Street, U.S.A. Platform and Collection

Plastic Acrylic Cover for the Olszewski Main Street, U.S.A. Platform


The Plastic Acrylic Cover shown in the above image is a custom, non-shippable product made by the American Plastics Corporation of Camarillo, California.  This cover is not included with any of the platforms.  Collectors who want the cover for their platform need to contact Armand at (805) 484-3333.   The cover produced by American Plastics cannot be shipped.  Collectors must make their own arrangements to order, pay for, and pickup their cover with American Plastics Corporation.  Individuals who cannot arrange to have their cover made by American Plastics can arrange to have a similar cover made locally by contacting a local plastics manufacturer. 

The specifics for the cover and platform are as follows:

The plexi-cover OUTER dimensions are

71 15/16" x 29 15/16" x 12", using 3/8" thick plexiglass. 

(Olszewski Studios recommends using only 3/8" thick Plexiglass.)

The weight of the cover itself is approximately 75 pounds.


Platform Outer measurements are:  72" x 30".


American Plastics Corporation

463 Dawson Avenue

Camarillo, CA 93012

Attn:  Armando

(805) 484-3333


Olszewski Walt Disney World Main Street, U.S.A. Platform and Collection

Details To be provided

Olszewski Disneyland Fantasyland Platform and Collection

Details To be provided

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