"Lost" Vegas Art

Edition:  1

Era: Pre-Goebel

Category: Oil on Canvas

Product Line: N/A

Series Name: N/A

Art Form: Painting


Identifying Mark: Hand Signed

First Year of Issue: c. 1962

First Year Issue Price: N/A

Highest Known Price Paid:

Artist's Age: 17

No photo available


"Lost Vegas Art": After moving to California, I exhibited and sold my paintings at art shows, juried exhibitions, and galleries from 1968 to 1975. These are the locations and the year of those events.

Oxnard, California 1969 Ventura, California

1969 Laguna Beach Art Museum 1969

Las Vegas, Nevada 1970

I had submitted a painting to be accepted into this juried exhibition as best as I can recall during the summer of 1970. I was happy to hear that my work had been juried into the show. Shortly after, I received a letter from the Las Vegas Police Department informing me that the painting had been stolen out of the Gallery, and could I send a photograph of it to aide them in the investigation? Usually I photograph everything, but this piece I did not. The canvas was a 36" x 36" oil, so to help the Police; I created a 3" x 3" reproduction of it to send to them. The small size was selected so it could fit neatly into a standard letter envelope. When I finished the piece, I was struck at how valid this tiny work was. It was as good as the big one. This moved me to rethink things and was the impetus to scale down my work and was the true first step toward my work in miniature. The paintings that I did after that were considerably smaller, not miniature, but obvious that something had changed in my thinking.

This piece has never been found so I hope to hear from someone in the Las Vegas area someday. The police never returned the little reproduction so no visual record of the work exists.

Source(s):  Olszewski Studios


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