Carolyn "Carol" T. Shanely



     In 1968, my wife Carolyn "Carol" insisted that she wanted a Dollhouse kit for Christmas as written by Dick Shanely in an email to Ray Olszewski, Olszewski Studios Web Master in April 2009.  Dick wrote further than he and Carol finally found what she was looking for which, it turned out to be. very similar to Robert Olszewski's product he happened to be producing in 1978. 

     One of their twin daughters' boyfriend at the time gave Carol her first Olszewski miniature called "Kiss Me."   This figurine happens to be Olszewski's smallest figurine he has ever created.  (The image below is from the Olszewski archives).  Once Carol saw it [Kiss Me] she was in awe and began her research on Robert wanting to learn about his manufacturing process.  In fact, Dick shares that during Carol's research, she obtained Robert's personal phone number.  Dick came home one day and Carol began filling him in on Robert and her one-hour conversation.  She was thrilled having had that phone call with the Master Artist Robert Olszewski.  Dick recollects that Carol shared that she learned how Robert was struggling in his new business and that he talked about his family with hopes for a brighter future.   

     Dick mentions further that Carol began her collection of Olszewski art soon thereafter and purchased the other four M.I. Hummel reproductions.  The final figurine she purchased was "Ride into Christmas" which is pictured in the lower left part of the photograph.  Carol also collected "Hummels" and her complete Plate and Figurine Collection are now contained in a custom cabinet at their daughter's home in Dublin, Ohio.  Carol's other figurines are with their other two daughters.

     Carol went to heaven in 2007 and her daughters and Dick decided to donate the Dollhouse and the five M.I. Hummel figurines Olszewski created and produced to the town's newly remodeled Library, a former hotel in downtown Piqua, Ohio.  The Carolyn T. Shanley display at the The Flesh Public Library contained in a lighted glass display which is mounted on a rotating platform for all to enjoy. 

Carolyn and Dick Shanley


Shown below in this photograph are the figurines Robert Olszewski created during the Pre-Goebel Era from 1997 to 1978.  Left to right are:

Doves on Flowering Dogwood; Bringing Home the Tree; Boy and Girl with Fruit; Pocketful of Posies; Balloon Lady; Poultry Seller; Kiss Me; Farmyard Hero; Baltimore Oriole; Lady in Blue; and, Rainy Weather.


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