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American Frontier Collection

Updated:  March 12, 2013

American Frontier Display and Collection


Figurines show above make up the American Frontier Collection by Olszewski while he was the Master Artist at Goebel Miniatures, Camarillo, CA from 1980-1994. The American Frontier Collection spans more than 100 years of the history of the Western United States, as seen through the eyes and hands of some of the world's more popular sculptors.  From John Rogers at his New York studio and Isidore Bonheur in Paris (both in the 1880s) to Jim Pounder of Prescott, Arizona, the full aspect of the American Frontier unfolds.

We are introduced to the frontier and its vast natural wildlife through Louis Paul Jonas' "Grizzly's Last Stand." [second from left].  James Earle Fraser shows us the original inhabitants of the Americas in "The End of the Trail" [sixth from left].  The trailblazers explore across this great territory in Isidore Bonheur's "Indian Scout and Buffalo", [fourth figurine from left], while the legendary cowboy is captured in Frederic Remington's "Bronco Buster." [third from left].  John Rogers depicts the taming of the West with "The First Ride." [first figurine on the left].  Finally, the rodeo, the last capsule of the sights and sounds of yesterday, is portrayed in the only contemporary piece, "Eight Count," [fifth from left] by Jim Pounder.

The following is the contribution of the Goebel Miniatures Studio to the preservation of the legacy of our heritage.

Source:  Page, 152, The Goebel Miniatures of Robert Olszewski:  An Authoritative Reference & Price Guide by Dick Hunt, published 1989.

The glass and wood display case shown above was also created, produced and sold by Goebel Miniatures to hundreds of retailers during the Goebel Miniature ERA.  It is called The Frontier Museum Display case.  The case included brass name plates for each figurine shown.

Below is a display that was created and produced by Goebel Miniatures to assist retailers selling the Olszewski figurative work. 

American Frontier Collection Retailer Display


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