Light Display for POC Shadow Boxes

Available For Sale beginning November 18, 2006

After you have reviewed the information provided below and have any questions,

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The Light Display shown below is sold only through Olszewski Studios and is a way for POC collectors to display the two shadow boxes created for the POC sculpture outside of the sculpture itself.  This reduces handling of the delicate boxes, protects and preserves them.  The Light Display can be placed next to your POC sculpture on the same surface or it can be mounted on the wall with a specially configured hanger built into the back of the display (see below).  In addition, each Light Display is powered by a dry cell battery system and requires 3 "AA" batteries to show the scenes in the dark along with your POC sculpture.

Please note:  The POC Light Display is different than the HM Display.  The lights in the POC display project downward, while the lights in the HM display project upward.

The cost of each Light Display is $25.00, plus shipping, handling and applicable California sales tax.  Olszewski Studios will start to ship the Light Display in early December 2006. 

When you see the PayPal "Buy Now" button on the catalog page is when orders can be placed.

Click here for additional photos of the POC. 

Light Display - Front View (Empty)
Light Display - Left View (Empty)
Light Display - Front View POC Dunking Bride Scene
Light Display - Front View POC Harbor Fight Scene
Light Display Size:  5" wide x 3 3/4" tall x 2 7/8" deep


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