Olszewski Main Street Road Accessory


Olszewski Main Street Lighted Road Accessory
Click the image for a brief video that shows the road's LEDs illuminated.  Floats are not installed and are not included as part of this accessory.


     The Main Street Platform Lighted Road is configured with 36 LED Lights spaced proportionally and positioned to illuminate a total of 27 parade floats previously issued. The lighted road is designed as an accessory to the original Olszewski Main Street, U.S.A. platform and is interchangeable with the day-time main street road.

    When turned on, each of the 36 LED's cycle through a color wheel of blue, yellow, magenta, red and green.  The road also has its own lighting system, equipped with its own transformer to facilitate scratch builders or do it yourself (DIY) types who wish to take on building their own Main Street platform (See Platform Plans).  The Main Street Lighted Road Accessory is a perfect way to tie all of your Olszewski Main Street, U.S.A. buildings together and offers a good head start to planning your own layout. 


Main Street Road Accessory on Display at DisneyAna 2016
Photos taken at the DisneyAna Show and Sale in Anaheim on 16 July 2016 show the road on a display table along with other Olszewski art.  You can see the road is populated with floats from the five parade sets created by Olszewski for the Walt Disney Company.  Placed also on the road are the Town Square and Central Plaza.  Photos courtesy of Olszewski Fan Theodore Fukushima


  The very top image is the Main Street Lighted Road Accessory as it is shipped.   Features of the Main Street Lighted Road Accessory are:

  • Fitted with a new "flat top" LED light design which displays a wider angle that illuminates the floats more fully,
  • Thirty-six LED lights rated for 10,000 hours,
  • Lights rotate through a color wheel of magenta, green, white, blue, yellow, red and green,
  • Faster "timing mechanism" that creates a more active "parade like" excitement,
  • Same dimensions as the roads released with the earlier Main Street platform that can easily be exchanged,
  • The dimensions are 46" long x 11 1/2" wide,
  • 1 1/8" deep with the rubber feet attached,
  • Configured with its own transformer,
  • Can be used as a "Stand Alone" parade display,
  • A "Parade Float" positioning guide as envisioned by the artist is included,

      The Main Street Lighted Road Accessory is sold exclusively by Olszewski Studios on the artist's online website. The offer is for the Olszewski Studios' first production run of the Main Street Lighted Road Accessory.  Please note that a 2017 production run is not guaranteed at this time.  To secure your order for the 2016 production run of the Main Street Lighted Road priced at $245.00 an initial reservation payment of $145.00 is to guarantee your order. To reserve your Olszewski Main Street Road Accessory, click here which will take you to the artist's website at store.olszewskistudios.com and the Main Street Road Accessory ordering page.  When Olszewski Studios receives the Road production run from our manufacturer later this summer, those who have paid the 1st installment, will be notified to pay the remaining $100.00 balance and if applicable, California sales tax plus shipping charges to your indicated shipping destination. 

       As a courtesy to collectors, before ordering the "Lighted Road", please know that previously released "Parade Float Sets" have been discontinued and that there are no plans or commitments for re-issues of those now discontinued sets.  This long-awaited release of the Main Street Lighted Road has been graciously approved and is not related to the future plans of the Disney Team.


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