A Bit of History! 

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Updated:  July 6, 2019

During the Goebel Miniatures Era (1980-1994) two very important collector groups were formed by fans and collectors of Olszewski art.  These were The Olszewski Fan Club and the Olszewski Study Group.  Both groups were based in Ohio, Parma and Toledo, respectively, at the time, consisted of a huge Olszewski collector membership.  That which is presented here is renderings of the "Club" and the "Group" provided by the Olszewski Historical Archives.  This information is not intended to be comprehensive, but for reference purposes. 

Olszewski Fan Club I Love Olszewski Bumper Sticker

This image is a Bumper Sticker created and distributed by The Olszewski Fan Club.

The Olszewski Fan Club - No longer active!

Purpose:   Promote Bob Olszewski and his art.

Founded: Encouraged by Ray Olszewski the founders, Jacci and Wally established the Fan Club. 

Founder(s):  Jacci Bednar and Wallie Reinprecht

Location:  Parma, Ohio

Publication(s):  Small Talk

The Olszewski Brothers with Jacci Bednar.  Jacci (The hairdresser) did the bust drawing of Bob for the Bumper Sticker.

Olszewski Study Group - No longer active!

Purpose:  Promote interest in, educate and share information about art objects made by Robert Olszewski, Goebel Miniatures. 


Founder(s):  Marlene and Butch Shoalts

Location: Curtice, Ohio

Publication(s): Write to ROlszewski@aol.com for more information.  Ray has scanned in several hundred pages of documentation produced and mailed to hundreds of collectors.

Event(s):  First Olszewski Convention, Toledo, Ohio

Butch and Marlene Shoalts with Bob Olszewski - Photo taken Cargo Warehouse, Vermilion, OH 4/15/1988