Last Updated: October 15, 2022

Videos and photos taken at D23-2022 in September 2022 featuring Bob Olszewski and his Collectors are shown below.

If you have photos you would like to share, please send them to either or both of the following emails:

Ray Olszewski Webmaster (

Bob Olszewski Artist (


Click here to take you to the 12-minute video "Walking the Show" produced by Lowell Smith.  The video features Bob talking about the items that were on display and his new item(s).

Bob at D23-2022 Bob with Lowell Smith and his wife D23-2022
Bob Olszewski at D23-2022 Anaheim, CA
Bob Olszewski with the Smiths at D23-2022
The Campbells
Bob signing Book for Campbells
The Campbells with Bob
Bob signing the Campbell's book
Popverse image of Bob reveiwing one of his books.

In the article, Tiffany Babb presents the answers to three popular questions asked by Bob Olszewski's collectors.  Read the article by clicking here. banner

Bob Olszewski reviews his Book #3 with Tiffany Babb, Deputy Editor,

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